Mr. & Mrs. Ltherfetish

Mr. LTHERFETISH on Responsible Dominance. A former Marine, police officer and currently a Firefighter/Paramedic. He is a lifetime kinkster who is constantly learning and improving his skill base. He believes in being a responsible and caring Dominant. Married to Mrs. Ltherfetish, together they have attended numerous kink events and classes. They both feel a duty to enhance and positively promote our community. Passing on the knowledge and experiences of those whom they respect and have taught them.



Being a Responsible Dom/me

We’ve all either witnessed or experienced a scene with an incompetent Dom/me at the reins. Not only is it a travesty to watch; it’s dangerous when experienced first hand. As we walk through this life together, it is our responsibility to ensure we take care of one another; especially for those of us who Dom/me. This class will cover negotiations, ending a scene, and aftercare.

It’s never too late to learn something new; not only is this class a must for anyone new the lifestyle, Dom/me & sub/slave alike, but also an opportunity for experienced community members to refresh and learn some new tricks and techniques.

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