Presenters for Previous Event (Homecoming 2023)


DommeJez (She/Her) is a queer femme leatherdyke and lifestyle player with two decades as a member of the community. With three decades of experience as a registered nurse, Jez maintains firm professional boundaries and ethics while also bringing her deep knowledge of the human body and safety practices to her kink teaching and play. A thrill-seeking top-heavy switch who can’t be pigeonholed, her tastes run the gamut of deviance, but tend toward the sensually and seductively sadistic, helping her specialize in training the curious in edge play and living out their hottest fantasies of power roles and exchange.   Jez is an active member of the NCSF Consent Counts and Education Outreach committees who is committed to this organization as part of her kink educator ethos and continuing education for consent.

Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann

Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann (He/Him, She/Her) met at Beyond Vanilla in 2018 and found a kindred spirit in each other. Since then, they have gone from playmates to best friends, and eventually established an M/s dynamic and romantic partnership together. Their dynamic is based on integrity, trust, respect, growth, balance, and improving the world around them. In 2021, they were named the Texas Power Exchange titleholders and went on to be named the 2022 International Power Exchange titleholders. As titleholders, they view it their duty to help promote positive and healthy power exchange dynamics.

Freydis Mora

Freydis Mora (They/Them) is a qualified and professional LGBTQIA+ and BDSM-Kink-Fetish educator with six years of experience in Alternative Lifestyle, Identity, and Sexuality education, consulting, and coaching. I am unapologetically a non-neutral educator. While engaging my students in tough conversations, I create a safe and brave space with them.

Sir Alice

Sir Alice (She/Her) is a poly, queer, sadistic Leather woman from Dallas, Texas. She has been active in the Dallas community since 2016.  While she adores body bags, knives and canes, her view of play is do whatever the heck is in your risk profile! Alice currently holds the education title, Ms. Route 66 Leather, 2022.


WhiskyTangoFoxy (She/Her) is a bottom-leaning switch who loves self-tying, self suspension bondage and DIY projects. She is an active member of the Chicago BDSM scene and currently serves as a Director at Galleria Domain 2,  a private members-only club. She has presented rope bondage instruction and BDSM education all over the US and online, in addition to moderating online groups dedicated to Rope Bondage.

Master Cecil

Master Cecil (He/Him) has been involved in kink for over 35 years, when at 18 years old he was picked up by a submissive and shown that a flogger, properly applied, is a VERY good thing. Sometime later he discovered Leather and has been on a journey of growth ever since. He has presented on the local, regional, national, and international level and is now serving the Central Florida community as owner of The Woodshed Orlando, producer of a national rope event called FIRE, board member of The Leather Leadership Conference and a Coalition Partner of NCSF. He also works to make himself available to groups, munches and TNG gatherings throughout Florida and to conventions all over the Americas.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith (He/Him) began exploring the facets of S&M at an early age. With his creative and rather deviant mind, he enthusiastically developed his techniques of bondage and suspension from his experience with nautical and high angle rope work. His powerful physical interactions of his S&M activities were initially necessities for various activities including white water rafting, scuba, climbing, and paramedical rescue. Scott brings a distinct intensity and passion to the ebb and flow of learning, teaching and actualizing S&M. A believer that the magic of BDSM comes through the connection of the participants, his workshops develop and nurture that connection; while maintaining a decidedly sadistic edginess. Scott has presented countless workshops and seminars throughout North America and abroad for organizations large and small. Scott is internationally known for his rope work, connection, and edge play workshops. Feel free to contact Scott through FetLife at Scott_Smith, or his email


SabreHyde (She/Her) is a rope switch and teacher-organizer from Traverse City, Michigan, who enjoys traveling, metal concerts, and costuming. In January 2017, Sabre co-founded the TC Rope Jam (currently on hiatus) to bring rope education and practice to the nascent rope community in Northern Lower Michigan. You can find her enthusiastically attending events cross Michigan and in Chicago. She believes rope should be accessible to anyone with a passion for it and strives to have and teach a variety of options for different genders, physical limitations, body sizes and shapes, and goals. A lifelong learner, she invites you to provide candid feedback on or ask questions about any class, tie, or technique you see her use.

Lady Jewel

Lady Jewel (She/Her) draws from personal life experiences in BDSM dating back to the 1980’s at New York’s iconic Hellfire club. She has led a life of service, working in the vanilla space producing charitable benefit events, learning about the finer things in life and the intricate play of power and authority. Having amassed a treasure of knowledge over the years at the knees of respected members of the BDSM community, Lady Jewel has chosen to channel her service into giving back to the community and sharing her learning. Although living in South Carolina, she is a member of MAsT Metro New York. You can take the girl out of the city…… Lady Jewel is a graduate of House of Decorum Leather and M/s Mentorship and she is a patched sister in service to River City Leather.


MojoDaddy (He/Him) became active in the kink community in the 1980’s. An Army veteran of active duty in Airborne Infantry in Vicenza Italy, he is a lifelong martial artist of various disciplines. After attending LLCX, he became an educator in national forums, including SELF, CSPC, DomCon LA, Dallas Eagle, Floating World, TESFest, FetishCon, and FetLife Spring Fling. A graduate of MTTA (Class X), he was the Hampton Roads 2011 Educator of the Year, and is blessed to have had several D/s and M/s relationships.


Tess Zachary (She/Her) the Chairperson for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Tess is an activist and advocate for sexual freedom.  The kink community is her home. Standing on the shoulders of the exceptional people who came before, she has a passion for bringing information to our community that helps people to create the life they want.


Traeonna (She/Her) is a passionate and experienced educator with over 25 years of experience who provides lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, including kink skills (rope bondage, fireplay, cigar service/play, etc.), kimono and lolita fashion, communication tools, conflict transformation, hula hoop fitness/dance, moving meditation, energy work, and connective practices in the leather, kink, poly, geek, occult, flow arts, and other adventurous communities. Traeonna is a HoH ND queer-crip endorphin enthusiast who can be found hitting people with dinosaurs, amusing her/aer Bear with her/aer antics, and is fueled by dark chocolate, coffee, and Sir Winston snuggles. As a momonymous person, Traeonna can be found on Facebook, Instagram, or by typing .com after her name!

Dan and dawn

Dan and dawn (He/Him, she/her) have been an alternative lifestyle couple since 2001 and have presented at over 100 events around North America. Not only do they enjoy teaching workshops and classes, they also share via books, specialized events, and fun consent negotiation playing cards! Their books on power exchange and polyamory are based on experience and have been very well received by those communities. They are also the co-hosts of the Erotic Awakening Podcast, an educational show that explores “all things erotic” since 2011; co-founders of the Columbus Space, an alternative community center; 2016 MAsT International Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year; 2010 Great Lakes region title holders; creators of the Scarlet Sanctuary and Path of the Qadishti (sacred sexuality spaces); and educators on both Kink Academy and Creative Sexuality.

Debra Shade

Debra Shade (She/Her) is a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert who runs a practice from Columbus, Ohio. Author of The Sex Journals, she possesses an unmistakable charisma in her educational approach, transcending the convention of “workshops” and provides each participant with an instructional encounter. Shade has released Climax: The Power of Great Sex, a guide full of tips and techniques to create, maintain and deliver great orgasmic experiences. Shade leads workshops and seminars on adult sex education in various settings. She has presented Sex Down South Conference, National Sexual Health Conference, Ohio Lesbian Festival, TRAUMA, Lion’s Den, SEXAPLOZZA, Columbus Pride, EXXXotica Expo, Comfest, House of Bacchus, and Columbus Psych Fest. She is a freelance writer for, BDSM Training Academy, and ASN Lifestyle Magazine. Debra is the author of over 14 orgasm/sex ed courses and seminars on varies topics all steeped in the knowledge of sex for pleasure and the benefits of the orgasm.

Leather Redux

Leather Redux (She/Her) is just your friendly old school, neighborhood dominant leather lesbian from the 90s. She is probably the most romantic sadist you will ever know. She left kink for a bit and came back which is what “redux” means – – a return or rebirth. She has come back to kink and is not turning back. As part of the Leather tradition, service to the community is important to her and she does this by sharing and educating people where she can. She has always known the connection between BDSM and spirituality and that we are all really here to heal ourselves and help others.


Persephone (She/Her), the queen of the underworld, is no stranger to exploring the depths of desire and pushing boundaries. As a goddess of the BDSM world, she brings a unique perspective to the practice, blending the philosophical and the practical to create a holistic approach to kink. With a background in mindfulness and movement, Persephone encourages BDSM practitioners to approach their experiences with intention and self-awareness. Her classes focus on exploring power dynamics in a consensual and safe manner, incorporating elements of consensual non-consent to push ourselves while respecting boundaries. Persephone is also a vocal advocate for the importance of aftercare, reminding us that caring for ourselves and our partners emotionally and physically is essential to a fulfilling BDSM experience. Attendees of her classes can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of BDSM, as well as practical tips for creating safe and transformative experiences.