Vending at Kinky Kollege

If you’re interested in vending at Kinky Kollege or any of our other events, you’ve found the right page! Please read this page fully, as it contains very important information. If you have a question that is not addressed by this page, let us know and we’ll be happy to answer your inquiry, and update this page as necessary.

Advertising/Program Book

A great way to advertise your company and continue to get your message to our attendees long after the event has ended is to take out an ad in our Program Book. We will make your flyer, catalog or brochure available at our registration desk where each guest registers for a small fee. Other Sponsorship opportunities are also available. We appreciate your support.

Advertising Options
Program Ad Space – Full Page – 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″
Program Ad Space – Half Page – 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″
$ 75.00
Your Banner Hung Above Registration Area In Hotel Lobby
Your Banner Hung In Play Space

Apply To Vend

To apply to become a vendor at Kinky Kollege or any of our future events, please complete the vendor application (Kinky Kollege – Vendor Application 2024) and return it  to:

We try to give our guests a wide variety of vendors selling different merchandise so we don’t wind up with 10 vendors all selling floggers, so your position on our waiting list may be changed because we want what you sell.


Your event badge must be worn at all times. Please do not forget it in your hotel room or your vendor space. You will not be admitted to the convention area, classrooms or play space without it.


Please email your website Banner to us for inclusion on the Kinky Kollege Website to

We would also appreciate you placing one of our banners on your website and link to:


Please comply with all of the rules, guidelines and information on this page. We invite vendors back to vend at all Leather SINS yearly events if they are in compliance.  Failure to comply with any rules or guidelines on this page may result in your removal from the Marketplace and will result in not being invited back to vend at our future events.


Kinky Kollege is in an upscale 4 star hotel with a spacious convention center. The Vendor Marketplace will be in a space directly next to the classrooms and down the hall from the play space.  Each vending booth is approximately 8′ x 10′ and costs $300.00.  This includes one 6′ skirted table and two chairs.  In addition to the vending fee, we require a donation to the Silent Auction we hold to benefit the Leather SINS “WE CARE” charities.


Friday:…………   2:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Saturday:……..   10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday:………..  10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Vendor Spaces must remain open during all of the above hours.

Internet Connections

The Host hotel offers T-mobile wireless hi-speed internet access throughout most of the hotel. Don’t forget to bring your wireless card for your laptop.


The Vendor Rooms are in well-lit meeting rooms in the Convention Center of the Hotel. You may choose to bring your own lighting for your display, however we cannot guarantee that your booth assignment will have an outlet. Electric service may be ordered IN ADVANCE from the host hotel. A quad box is $100.


The host hotel has a fantastic buffet. We highly recommend you eat at the host hotel as:

  • There is limited break time for meals.
  • There are few restaurants in the immediate area.
  • The food is great.
  • The service is wonderful.
  • The price is reasonable and less expensive than eating out.
  • Spending your money in the Host Hotel (as opposed to leaving the building) allows them to keep the prices for this event low and makes us a valued customer to them, wanting us to return in the future.


Merchandise offered for sale in your booth must be PRE-APPROVED by Event Management. If it hasn’t been pre-approved… you can’t sell it!

No merchandise deemed illegal in the State of Illinois may be sold in your space. In addition we do not allow any drug paraphernalia or firearms in the Marketplace.

Move-In & Tear-Down

Move-In: Thursday 6-9PM or Friday beginning at 9:00 AM.
Set-up: Must be complete and all debris cleared from the aisles by 1:45 PM.
Tear Down: Teardown cannot begin until the Marketplace is closed at 1:00 PM on Sunday and must be complete by 4:00 PM.
Hotel Staff: Please remember to tip the Hotel Staff generously if you require services. We want to be welcomed, wanted and invited back to this facility in the future.

We suggest you bring your own dolly for moving your goods.


We have negotiated a reduced rate for all attendees. If you have a trailer or mobile home please be sure you are not blocking any aisles or entrances and park at the back of the lot.

Questions? Special Needs?

For any other questions or Marketplace business please email your inquiries to



Sorry, but we hold and guarantee space for you once payment is made so we cannot offer refunds for paid Vending Space.


Your Event Badge must be worn at all times. Please don’t forget your Event Badge in your room. You will not be allowed access to other parts of the Hotel during the Event without it. Vendors Rooms are locked from the end of posted vending times until 30 minutes before posted opening times. For security reasons, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made and the rooms will not be opened for any reason, for anyone. Please don’t forget your event badge, room key, car keys or slave in the vending room.

Leather SINS or The Host Hotel are not responsible for any missing or stolen property.

Shipping & Storage

Inbound Freight: You may ship your merchandise directly to the Host Hotel. Your packages will be held for you in the Lobby Baggage Room of the Host Hotel. Please write to the Kinky Kollege Chairman at for a contact name and directions.
Outbound Freight: You may leave your packages in the Lobby Baggage Room of the Host Hotel for UPS, Fed Ex or other carrier pick-up on Monday. However, your packages must be clearly labeled and the freight PREPAID in order for the Hotel to accommodate you. Please write to the Kinky Kollege Chairman at for a contact name and directions.
Storage: There is limited storage space available for your shipping crates or extra merchandise.
Hotel Staff: Please remember to tip the Hotel Staff generously if you require services. We want to be welcomed, wanted and invited back to this facility in the future.

Silent Auction Donation

We ask that each vendor make a donation to the Silent Auction. The donation can be of any item or items, whether you sell them in your business or not.

The Silent Auction will be on display on Friday and Saturday and close at Midnight after the Play Party on Saturday night. The Silent Auctions have raised thousands of dollars for the Leather SINS “WE CARE” Charities.

We will list your donation on the website. Please provide a description of your auction donations including their retail value for inclusion when you register. Auction donation items may be sent in advance (preferred) or delivered during Vendor Check In.

Space Assignments

Vendor spaces will be determined by the Vendor Committee Chairperson based on the locations available.

Limited electrical outlets are along the wall of the Vendor Space and vendors that require power should bring three-prong GROUNDED extension cords.

Only the assigned vendor listed on the Kinky Kollege website and Program Book will be allowed to vend from the purchased vending space. We do not allow two or more vendors to share a space.


Leather SINS is a 100% non-profit and 100% volunteer organization of, by and for the BDSM & Leather Community.  Within a period of five years, Leather SINS has donated over $150,000.00 to very worthwhile charities. Please consider becoming a Leather SINS Sponsor or Advertiser today. Ad rates are as low as $50. Sponsorships begin at $200.

Vendor Staff Registrations

Each Vendor (Not Vendor Space) will be given 2 Complimentary Weekend Event Registrations.  If you plan on bringing more than 2 persons to work in your vendor booth, a very limited amount of additional Event Registrations are available for $75 per person. Please note that this discount is for persons working in your booth ONLY and abuse of this discount will not be tolerated.

Vendor Waiting List

We maintain an ever growing list of vendors, and make every effort we can to have a mix of different vendors.  As a result, we maintain a waiting list of vendors who are interested in vending at our events.  If you wish to be added to the waiting list, email a description of the merchandise you sell and a link to your website, with your request to

DISCLAIMER: By your payment and acceptance of vending space, you agree that Leather SINS is not liable for the theft or damage to any merchandise or property, and that you have read and fully understand the information on this page. Fees, space sizes, suites, hours and rules are subject to change without notice. There are NO REFUNDS for vendor spaces.
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