TAPAS – For the previous event Homecoming 2023

Tapas is a small taste of something delicious.  Taking place in the main dungeon after classes on Saturday, we’ll have many stations set up with a wide variety of sensations.  A top with years of experience in their craft runs each station.  Each scene will last a few minutes to provide a taste of each type of play.

Whether you’re

  • New to a kink and want to experience something for the first time
  • Experienced and want to do something you already love (or hate)
  • A top who wants to see what something feels like
  • Anyone who wants to discuss a type of play
  • A voyeur who wants to watch

then Tapas has something for you!

The following stations will be offered at this event

  • Station
  • Fire with NJ_Cole & FireflyMKE
  • Fire with Kurgan & WonderBrat
  • Fire with Mike8282 & _Kinky_Chef
  • Shibari with T-Rex_Ties & Sluggo
  • Rope with xquisx
  • Rope with Mistress__Mayhem
  • Bondage with badbeast
  • Heavy Floggers with Ravenous
  • Floggers with FuckinBrian-MM
  • Whips with MistressNatalya
  • Whips with Eroticropes_ER
  • Electric Flogger with Tedebare69
  • Electro with SwitchinHertz
  • Electric Play with JustJem & thatgothgirl
  • Needles with _The_Kitty_
  • Body Drumming with J_sin
  • Wax with kajar38
  • Ouchery with BookWormNerd
  • Gravity Boots with Sinister-Dom & chemdoll
  • Knives with Skully138
  • Canes & Paddles & Crops with xsparky
  • Topping at Tapas with Kaida13 & Other