Classes and Roundtables for the Previous Event (Spring Break 2024)


Lady V (She/Her)

Be Legen-dairy! Intro to Hucow & Bovine Play 

Discover ways to create a unique headspace, explore multiple roles, implement many forms of play, & learn about multiple milking methods to fill you with udder pleasure! Cowboys/girls & cows have become all the rage in fashion & even in the bedroom. This class gives ideas on how to rocket into udder space. We’ll steak out the multiple ways we can nurture our inner cow or bovine by building a headspace with setting, costume, & of course, play, including breast torture/nipple stimulation & lactation! The class also discusses the dynamics in cow-centric pet play. Top, bottom, switch, hucow, bull, ox, farmer, butcher, or just curious, this class is for you! Join us, chew the cud, & love your cow. Built-in mind to be inclusive of any gender identity. Be seen and also herd.

My New Skin: Adapting to a New Body

When one undergoes a gender, age, or weight change journey or faces new challenges around a physical ability, they may suddenly experience a shift in how the world treats them. This experience of being newly “othered” can often be jarring & isolating. Join Lady V in talking about lessons learned in her own gender, weight loss, and aging journey. This class unpacks how to embrace changes to your body and navigate new challenges while getting through judgmental societal norms. This class is great for those supporting someone through a body change journey or who are curious about their own. Please note that this class does not embrace or tolerate any sort of phobia. We only embrace body positivity in all forms.

Sissification & Gender Affirmation 

For many gender-expansive folx, femmes, & even men, sissification & forced feminization can be a safe outlet to explore & affirm our gender identity. We’ll cover topics like: Forced Feminization & Masculinization, The Transgressiveness of Sissification, Joy Filled, Affirming Behaviors, Appearance, Hypnosis, the Benefits of Having  a Sissy as a Top, & More! This class navigates sissification in a healthy, gender-affirming light. We will discuss ways to play with your gender, embracing that high femme energy, and avoiding negative, phobic, & sexist tropes!

Mark and Rhiannon

Failing Successfully: Our Power Exchange Mistakes and How We Solved Them    

Power exchange (PE) isn’t all hot sex and following fun orders. In PE relationships, there’s a lot of opportunity to fuck things (and people) up. Communication is necessary, but it can still be really hard. This class will review the mistakes of an experienced poly, PE veteran, and the humility it takes to admit to them. From the other side of the slash, his girl will discuss her own missteps in PE and what happens when assumptions get in the way of successful relationship-ing. This class explores the human side of what we do, and how every connection is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Oral Fixation: Tricks and Tips for Every Body   ,

This class is our attempt to enhance oral sex the world over as two amateurs with consistently rave reviews. While it’s geared more towards lips-on sensual skills, we will also discuss differences between equipment and builds, accommodations for issues like TMJ, and oral accessories. Bring a toy or a partner if you’d like to practice, there will be time for demo, critique, and questions.

Flogging with Finesse: Stepping Up Your Impact Game          ,

You’ve bought or made a flogger (or two) and you have the basic mechanics down, but you’re stuck and looking to take your impact to the next level. Sound like you? Come learn finesse with floggers, including material types, strike variations, and more! This class will be half demo and half hands-on, so feel free to bring your toys or we’ll have some for you to try.

Mx Bliss (she/they)

BDSM and the Law: What Every Kinkster Needs to Know

Is that impact scene you are negotiating illegal and/or leave you open to legal liability? What happens if someone is injured in rope at your home? Who’s responsible for the medical costs if that edgeplay scene goes wrong? What legal recourse do you have if someone violates your consent (but the underlying activity is against local law)? Is your kink or sex positive business at risk of violating local or federal laws? What rights do you have to keep your personal information (name, address, workplace) confidential? How do you navigate the risk of operating a dungeon or hosting a kinky event? This class is an overview of legal issues unique to those of us engaged in an alt-sex or the BDSM lifestyle. While local laws (and enforcement) vary widely, we’ll highlight issues/activities where you may want to do some deeper risk assessment, document things a bit more carefully, and talk to an attorney before engaging further.

Suspension of Disbelief: Pallet Wrap Suspension and Mummification         

Are you interested in suspension but aren’t yet confident about rope safety? Do you like the look of meat wrapped in plastic at the grocery store and wish your lovely bottom was similarly wrapped? Are you tired of topping/bottoming for the same ol’ rope suspension scene and wonder ‘hey, what’s next for me?!?’ Come learn the whimsical and sexy art of pallet wrap suspension.  In this hands-on workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to help suspend one of the demo bottoms while learning practical skills in case you ever need to work in a warehouse and wrap pallets. We’ll go over safety, material choices, and you’ll walk out with the know-how to go top/bottom for your own suspension!

Sadistic Rope to Punctuate Your Scenes        

In this class, we’ll demo several techniques and patterns to make your rope scenes deliciously mean, hilarious, sexy, and hurt like heck (on purpose). We will discuss some specific ties, rope handling, knot placement, and body manipulation/management. We’ll discuss pressure points, and how to use your environment (and accessories) and your bottom’s own body as implements of mass masochism. As an added feature, we will discuss the lifecycle of pain in a rope scene so that you are picking the right techniques, tools, and patterns for various intentions incorporating sadism to punctuate sensual, silly, or serious rope scenes. A tying partner is useful, but not necessary, as many of the techniques can be self-tied. Masochistic bottoms are encouraged to attend and we will discuss tips for communicating with Tops and distinguishing between hurty versus harmful rope. This is a class suitable for all levels (but know how to tie a single column if you want to tie along).

Natalie Rose (they/she) and Roin Riot (they/them)

Aging with Grace: Embracing Diversity, Age and Rope    
In a world that often prioritizes youth, older members of the rope community possess a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the intersection of age and rope artistry. Join Natalie Rose as they delve into the wonder of a well-lived body, exploring the intricacies of tendons and bones that achieve remarkable feats with grace and patience. Gain insights on navigating the journey of aging within the rope community, and celebrate the wisdom that comes with it. Together, let’s foster a space where diversity, experience, and strength flourish.

Sweet Surrender: Building Connections through Endurance Bondage
Embark on a journey of empowered surrender with Natalie Rose, as they delve into the profound experience of endurance suffering. Explore how this shared journey strengthens connections and reaffirms power dynamics, especially in relationships with alpha bottoms. Nat will guide you through the crucial aspects of communication – from choice of words to tone – that can make or break a scene or tie. Gain insights into the art of surrender and why it holds such value, particularly when tying someone experienced, strong, and assertive. Experience a live demonstration of an endurance suffering session, marked by open and continuous communication, offering a glimpse into the emotions and sensations one might encounter. Join us in a space that embraces diversity, fosters empowerment, and celebrates the beauty of surrender.

EuphoRion Harness: Bridging Beauty and Function in a Gote
Experience the innovative fusion of a gote and arms-out chest harness in the EuphoRion. Conceived by Natalie Rose and Rion Riot, this hybrid harness embodies both the strength of a gote and the elegant simplicity of an arms-out chest harness. Carefully crafted for sustainability and adaptability, the EuphoRion excels in torsion without impinging on nerves in the lower part of the upper arm. While it stands gracefully on its own, this arms-back chest harness also serves as a versatile foundation for various third-rope adaptations, seamlessly integrating with multiple two-rope gote styles. Join us in exploring this pattern as it combines form, function, and inclusivity.

Baby Got Back: Embracing Every Body, Rope Bondage for Larger Frames 

Join Natalie Rose as they share their journey of tying and being tied as a larger bodied individual. Discover the unique possibilities that come with a larger frame, including the authentic use of weight, curves, and dynamic visual textures. While there are various styles of rope, rope suspensions hold a special allure. Rest assured, being larger-bodied does not exclude you from enjoying rope suspensions. Nat will demonstrate how combining and adapting patterns can enhance functionality and sustainability, opening up a world of possibilities for every body. Celebrate the beauty of diversity and inclusivity in rope bondage.

Ninjet Kitty (She/Her)

The Art of the Lap Dance 

Join Ninjet Kitty in a Lap dance class that focuses on bolstering the confidence of attendees and encouraging sexuality through dance and motion. We will practice showcasing our bodies, and enticing our lovers with provocative movement as well as subtle cues. Participation is heavily encouraged so start thinking of a song that gets your hips moving!

Squirting!         ,

Cum along with Ninjet Kitty on an exploration of the long-disputed topic of female ejaculation! (Hint: it’s not pee) In this stimulating class we will not only be stifling the stigma around squirting but also learning about the science behind the phenomena backed by cutting edge research. There will be tips and tricks for squirters everywhere, as well as a live demonstration you won’t want to miss!

Nirathekitten  (she/her)

You’re Getting Under my Skin!            

In this demo-style class we will be discussing ways to get more screams out of your needles

scenes. Learning the who, what, where, when, and how’s will help you become more creative with your play. We will cover how to mitigate risk, negotiate for these scenes, and teach additional safety tips. This class is geared towards players who already have a 101-level understanding of needle play and safety.

Lookin’ Sharp 

Have you ever seen needle play photos on fetlife and thought, “Wow, how did they create that amazing piece of art?!” Well, you’re in luck! In this intermediate class we will approach needle play from a more artistic standpoint and learn more about how to create it yourself. The course will cover design conception, template creation, and piercing execution. This is not an introductory class, and students are asked to already understand this type of play.

Loop (There it is)         

In this intermediate class we will take a deeper look at single column ties, how they function, and more importantly, how they can be improved. We will cover topics such as: misconceptions with knot directionality, ways to tie knots more efficiently, and Hojo cuffs. Students must already know at least one single column to benefit from this course! Please bring 2-3 hanks of rope and something to take notes.

Phoenix and lucky

Coming Back from The Brink: When I’m Sorry Isn’t Enough  

Apologies can be a turning point in relationships – apologies in BDSM dynamics can hold an even greater weight in terms of accountability and respect. Knowing how to apologize effectively is crucial to maintaining a healthy and balanced power exchange relationship. But what does an effective apology look like in a power exchange dynamic? This class will delve into the art of effective apologies in power exchange dynamics. We will explore the common challenges and nuances of apologizing within a power exchange relationship, and offer practical techniques to help you apologize in a way that honors your power exchange dynamic.

Rituals & Protocols in Power Exchange: Creating Connection That Lasts      

When life brings you down – when you’re lacking inspiration – when nothing’s going right and you’re feeling disconnected and need to be reminded of your connection; rituals can save the day, connecting and binding you in a way that is personal, private and special. Phoenix and lucky will discuss creating personalized rituals and protocols uniquely customized to your power exchange dynamic, how to keep those rituals strong through the test of time, and how they can strengthen and give substance to your cherished power exchange relationship.

Communication in Power Exchange: “You said what! I heard this?”

Oftentimes, what is said and what is heard when people communicate are two entirely different things. Communication is important in any relationship, but in power exchange dynamics, it is especially so. Phoenix and lucky will talk about effective communication techniques, common pitfalls, differences in styles, how these things can help and hurt your relationship. They will share personal real-life examples of communication within their own dynamics together (and with others) of what works and what doesn’t. An active conversation with participants about communication successes and blunders within their own dynamics is highly encouraged, so come and share with all and take something back home that will help!

PlumpPeaches (She/Her)

KinkyPilates 101 – Introduction

Is a safe introduction for those who want to explore their inner Kink by offering a fresh approach to Pilates. KinkyPilates strives to provide safe resources, and information on maintaining a healthy body for intense scene play. KinkyPilates is geared towards the kinksters point of view, the importance of stretching before a big scene, cooling down afterwards, knowing your physical limits, and tapping into the core and pelvic floor for more intense play. All while gaining flexibility in the hips, lower back and by utilizing core strength. Please wear something loose fitted and comfortable to move in for class, a towel and water bottle.

KinkyPilates 102 – Props and Gadgets

Is a safe introduction to KinkyPilates for those who wish to explore their inner Kink through Pilates using a few props and gadgets. Props used for class will be the exercise ball, elasta band, rollers, and straps. This is a fun class for the Kinksters who would like to try a few gadgets and props with their KinkyPilates. We will be exploring ways to use our props, to gain flexibility in the hips, lower back, and legs, all while engaging the core muscles. Please wear something loose fitted and comfortable to move in for class, a towel and water bottle.

Rain DeGrey (She/Her)

Bedroom Boot Camp

Great lovers are made, not born. We do not automatically know how to dazzle our partners with epic bedroom talent. So how do we acquire it? Wonder no more! Sex educator and advocate Rain DeGrey will take you through a Bedroom Boot Camp that will leave you with some serious sexual skills. Learn the secret of fucking like a porn star and have your partners coming back for more. From oral techniques, anal play, and better communication to some kinky handcuff fun, this class will cover it all! Topics include: An intimate peek inside Rain DeGrey’s personal toy bag; Tips, techniques, and creative positions for all genders; Proper prepping for amazing play; Common pitfalls to avoid; and How to blow your partner’s mind and get them hooked. This is a pansexual class open to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome. Come get your sexual learn on in a fun, non-threatening environment and become the lover you always dreamed of being!

Pegging for Pleasure: The Ins and Outs of Strap-On Play

Pegging and strap-on play can be either intense or pleasurable depending on how you want to play. Whether you are a pegging virgin or really love dishing it out and just want to pick up a few more pointers to improve your game, this is the class for you! Strap-on aficionado and expert Rain DeGrey will cover all the bases: How to find the right harness, lubes, and toys for you and your particular pegging needs; The various toys and attachments available for play such as Feeldoes and vibrators; The proper care and cleaning for all your strap-on accessories; Oral, vaginal, and anal strap-on play tips and techniques and how to safely play rough; How to properly prepare oneself or partner for receiving anal strap-on play; Q&A. This pansexual class is opens to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome to come out and get their learn on!

Take Five: The Fine Art of Fisting        

Often considered a black belt level of sexual activity, fisting does not have to be intimidating. Done properly, it can be an incredibly intimate act that connects you with your partner in a very deep way. Whether you are a fisting newbie or simply want to up your game, this is the class for you! Come learn how to safely and erotically master the skill of the inside handshake. Sexual educator Rain DeGrey covers all of the bases of vaginal and anal fisting. From safety to cleaning to proper techniques, all of your fisting questions will be answered. Topics include: Cleaning tips; Learning how to read your partner; What to avoid; Tools and techniques; How to create a memorable scene; Lubes, gloves and positions; Aftercare. You are guaranteed to walk away with a better understanding of this skill and more confidence in your bedroom game! This is a pansexual class open to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome.

redwarrior (she/her)

Rough Body Play   

Punching, kicking, biting, slapping…sometimes it’s good to just be hands-on with your bottom. In this class, we will talk about how to inflict pain with brutality and still have your bottom coming back for more. We’ll discuss how and where to hit and how to build a scene completely around just what you carry with you on your body. The class will end with a demo scene that will demonstrate all these techniques as well as get you excited to try out your own rough body play in the dungeon.

Adaptive Play – Playing Through Injury and Illness     

Bodies change, but often our passions do not. In this class, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to BDSM play and disabilities. Presenter redwarrior has survived and played hard through a spinal cord injury and also frequently plays with play partners with different disabilities and health conditions from cancer to heart conditions to diabetes to mobility issues. She shares what she has learned along the way about pain and chronic illness or disability. Play can adapt and change to accommodate medical issues, but often it takes a mindset shift and some creativity as well as extra precautions to create scenes that scratch that BDSM itch without causing harm.

Cathartic Scenes         

What is catharsis and how do you create a scene that will bring emotional release? In this class, we delve deeply into the science and experience of catharsis in BDSM play and how planning and executing these kinds of scenes differs from a usual BDSM scene. We’ll talk about setting expectations, planning for the unexpected, and cultivating the right headspace for catharsis to happen both from a Top and bottom perspective. We will also show that, like almost all BDSM scenes, catharsis is often not about the intensity of play or toys involved, but about the intention and headspace brought to a scene. The class will culminate in a live demo that often brings even those watching into a cathartic release.

Seq (they/she)

Consent 101: Got Consent?

Join us for Got Consent, a good starting point for Consent To Kink. We will touch on the following ideas: State of Consent, Consent Culture, Consent Best Practices, Things to Consider, Withdrawing Consent, Ability to Consent, Trauma, and Explicit Prior Permission for Consent to Kink. We will also provide free resources made available by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Capacity to Consent at Long Events ,Physical & Emotional States at Weekend-Long Events.

How do escalated levels of anticipation and intense emotional states affect our ability to consent to play? How does exhaustion and overstimulation affect our choices? In this class we will discuss topics like the following which can have a significant effect on giving and receiving consent: Frenzy, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), NRE (New Relationship Energy), Scarcity Bias, Being a Newbie, Excitement Around Brand New Activity, Unfamiliar Environments, Environmental Distractions, and more!

Sir Prussian Fire (He/Him) and lucky (They/she/it)

Anyone Smell Bacon? Branding, Why and How.         

Branding is a practice that has existed since ancient times for various purposes, and has evolved over the years to find its place in contemporary culture, particularly in the BDSM community. In this demo class, we will delve into the historical roots of branding, its cultural significance, and its modern application within BDSM. We will discuss and explore the history and psychology behind branding, explore different types of branding, understand safety concerns, and even witness a live brand demonstration.

HDO- Dark Side of the Sandbox          

We will discuss the psychology behind this type of play, why people enjoy it even when it seems counterintuitive, ways to intermingle this in to the other types of play your dynamic already uses, the various ways this play can happen, the negotiation techniques for this dark side of the sand box with trauma, and the before/aftercare for the Top, bottom, and the relationship.

Knife Play: The Cutting Edge of BDSM

In this class we will discuss the power play that is found in knife play. We will discuss what draws us to play with sharp objects and the sensual dance of the razor’s edge. We will touch on why fear makes us hot and bothered, along with safety precautions, and what to do when things go wrong (and how to mitigate them going wrong to start with!).

Sir Tressa (any)

The Art of Fire Play

Fire is one of the most alluring and yet frightening forces of nature, and it is inherent that one fears fire for its destructiveness. Fire burns, devours, and still it inspires. In Greek mythology, Prometheus gave fire to humanity, allowing it to flourish and survive. Most people fear fire because of its destructive nature, and those fears can be well warranted. But in truth, fire in the hands of an experienced fire player can be both exciting, sensual, erotic, and edgy. Sir Tressa will go into detail regarding fire safety, procuring and storing implements, and fire play-related aftercare. Sir Tressa invites you to discover the true nature of fire play as they demonstrate various aspects of a fire scene.

The Art of Bastinado

Bastinado is the delightful and sadistic torture of one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies…our feet! Using canes and regular household implements, a top can set fire to their bottom in ways they will remember with every step they take. We will look at the history of bastinado and its uses through time and look at how it has evolved into a fun and enjoyable kink. Lastly, we will cover in a live demo, the tools, and tricks to make bastinado a memorable time for everyone.

Slave Reba

Do You Want FRIES with That?
Consent is key in everything we do. However, it is most important in our kink and BDSM activities. The goal of this class is to show what consent is and to help people recognize when it exists and when it doesn’t. This class also lends itself to helping people negotiate scenes using the FRIES method of consent. We will cover both SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) play. Consent is totally sexy… But it also fucking necessary!
This 201 level class is for advanced players and covers topics like CNC, Humiliation, and more.

Kick the puppy: Rough Pup play
This class takes all your favorite rough body activities and tailors it to your puppy. When you start with someone who is already on all fours willingly… the possibilities are endless. Choke holds to trampling. This class will turn your wild wolf into a puddle of puppy goo.

Reality vs. the Story in Your Head – Managing Mental Health in Power Exchange.
Anxiety. Depression. ADHD. Neuro divergent. How do we deal with the monsters in our head and engage in authority transfer? The imposter syndrome is real, ya’ll. How do you deal with control (or lack of) when you don’t even have control over some of your thoughts? This class comes from someone who has ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depression. There are so many ways to use your relationship as a tool to help manage your mental health. As well as incorporating therapy techniques to improve communication and understanding with others regarding your mental health.

Team Soup

Taboo Play: Standing on the Edge and Bottoming to the Unspeakable
Have you ever felt drawn to playing with concepts that seem vile? Are you drawn to things that most perceive as horror? Within the BDSM community, taboo play is widely considered a high-risk form of edge play. The intensity of taboo play calls to some of us but the risks (emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical) are very real. This discussion is going to talk about the practical realities of playing with taboo and its inherent risks. We’ll chat about responsibilities, logistics, managing risk, and how to handle things when they go wrong. Warning: this class will touch on taboo scene themes that can be very charged and challenging. We may/will speak about scenes that involve themes of incest, domestic violence, rape, race, and weaponry.

Under Your Boot: Stomping, Licking and Fucking!
This ain’t about boot blacking… this ain’t about leather care… this is all about boot love, boot violence and boot sex. Why do people like boots? How does such a utilitarian object turn into one of the most fetishized items in our lifestyle? Come have some Team Soup style fun with boots.

Parenting, Power and Play: The Struggle is Real!
Life in the kink community is so exciting, liberating and sexy. But parents can find the kink world more challenging to navigate. Sometimes we feel spread thin emotionally… sometimes we struggle to balance our schedules so that we can meet all of our needs and obligations…and sometimes we have to figure out how to answer tough questions. This isn’t easy!
This discussion-based class will touch on a variety of topics that parents may be struggling with: Handling the emotional balance of exploring kink while also being a parent; Balancing relationship dynamics (D/s, M/s) with parenting; Maintaining our relationship model in the home while running a healthy family; Handling visible marks that may be seen by children; Raising healthy kids within a home that has poly dynamics; and what happens if our children stumble across our online presence?

The Duke of Pudding (He/Him) and AndrogynousKit (She/her)

Duct Tape – Custom Hoods and Mitts

Getting into heavy bondage, pet play, gimpification, or basic sensory deprivation can sometimes be an expensive proposition. Quality leather gear is justifiably costly, and when you’re first starting out those prices can seem prohibitive. Join Duke for a fun and easy class on the ways YOU can build your own custom gear out of a few simple materials including everyone’s economical favorite…. Duct Tape!

You Little Prick! – Needle Play 101      

Almost no one enjoys getting their blood drawn at the doctor’s office, and yet needle and blood play is one of the most requested scenes in our dungeons. During this workshop, Duke will cover basic physiology and safety when breaking the skin, and how you can use needles in a variety of scenes, from artistic to sadistic. Additionally, he will provide materials and hands-on time for people to place needles on a demo bottom in a controlled environment.

What a Big Prick! – Flesh Hooks          

Considered by some to be the ultimate level of play piercing, considered by others as a gateway to another plane of consciousness. Whichever viewpoint YOU choose to consider them from, they’re guaranteed to provide a unique experience. Join Duke in a brief discussion about the history and intent behind flesh hooks in play and spirituality, followed by a demonstration of the technical aspects of the piercing itself. This workshop is designed to demystify some of the physical unknowns you might have, so that you can choose when and where to be pierced and experience the psychological unknowns for yourself.

Ethical Bratting -The Fine Art of Fucking Around and Finding Out (With AndrogynousKit)    

An interactive, educational discussion surrounding bratting: how to do it safely and consensually. In this class we will discuss why we do it and what we get out of it, from both sides of the slash! We’ll challenge the typical thought processes, stigma, misconceptions, and coping mechanisms. Additionally, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this type of interaction and how bratting affects our dynamics and our relationships.


Chocolate Milk and Tears: Dark Age Play     

Let’s frolic at the edge of age play. Let’s get dark and bring out all of the monsters from under the bed. We’ll cover different ways to make your age play a whole lot meaner and exploit the innocence inherent to age play, while still maintaining the littles headspace. We’ll discuss how this can fit into your dynamic and what special after care that it may entail.

Chastity, Tease, and Denial    

Orgasm is a powerful experience. Controlling someone else’s ability to orgasm can be equally as powerful. We’ll show you how to incorporate chastity as well as teasing & denial into your relationship or play. You’ll learn tips to have your sub crawling up a wall with desire as well as how to select and effectively use a chastity device. This can be used as a method of control or simply be for fun. Whether you’re interested in long-term chastity or just a bit of teasing, this class will have something new to show you.


Oh, my, what big balls you have.  The better to torture you with! Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) can be sexy, incredibly painful, and delightfully personal. Come learn some basic and intermediate skills as Tisiphone and roo-roo show you the many exquisite ways to torment a man’s goodies. From impact to clamps, bondage to fire, ooh yes to oh-fuck-make-it-stop, we’ll cover various ways to torment testicles and discipline dicks.

Traveling Fool

Tens, EMS and Electrical Stimulation Toys      

Do you play with yourself to spice up your sex life? Do you often think about BDSM or sex with yourself or others? This class will focus on TENS, EMS, and Electrical Stimulation toys and how they can become part of your BDSM and sexual lifestyle. In this class we will discuss and demo how to use TENS type units. We will go over different attachments and how Self-Use (or abuse) or play with a partner can create all sorts of wonderful sensations. We will also talk about how you can possibly get your employer, medical insurance plan, or doctor to pay for one. Talk about kink on a dime…LOL!

Violet Wands – The Sensual Toy No One Talks About.            

Today, we’ll use the Violet Wand to create sensuous or pain feelings in our partners. Traveling Fool/Jay will show you how to create and control the smiles and sighs of pleasure from slow, sensual violet wand play, and how to get the Violet Wand orgasm! If you’re not into pain, and prefer the squeals of pleasure from your partner, this style is for you! Traveling Fool/Jay loves to teach and demonstrate how to maximize your Violet Wand play by combining various Violet Wand tools and accessories with many sensual techniques. Come learn how to light up your sex life with electricity and put a little spark back in your play.

Percussion Play

In this class we discuss and demos and teach the basics of Percussion Play. What is Percussion Play? It is a nice spanking. It is using a flogger, canes, your hand, and household implements to cause sensations to your partner. It can be pain or pleasure to all parts of the body. In this class we explore what you can use, how to, and safety techniques. Through both discussion, demo, and instructor led hands-on practice, you learn the basics of these skills and allow you to open your mind and ideas about this kind of play.

Round Tables – Interactive Lunchtime Discussions

Mark and Rhiannon

Kinky Connections: Like Speed Dating, but for Pick-Up Play Round Table

Come join a group of fellow kinksters looking to make play connections for the event. This is a facilitated activity designed to help you find common interests quickly and meet some cool people in a fun environment!

Plump Peaches

Health & Wellness Round Table

Exploring the sensual side of the pelvic floor from the inside out. In this roundtable we will discuss common social myths about the pelvic floor, and how we can use our pelvic floor to achieve pleasurable experiences. We will also learn a few techniques to help tap into our pelvic floor. Through conversation, guided demonstrations and self exploration we will see if we can learn to gently tap into our own pelvic floor. Practice makes perfect! Come ready to listen, learn, and share what it’s like to get deep into the pelvic floor.

Team Soup

Owner/Property Dynamics Round Table

Owner/property dynamics are often challenging and it can be hard to find like minded people to chat with.  Let’s get together and talk about O/p dynamics; the joys and also the struggles. We can share and learn from one another

Slave Reba

Love is service. Service is sacrifice. Sacrifice is love. Round Table

I am in a service based asexual, aromantic power exchange relationship. Say that five times fast… This class digs into the nuances of what this relationship looks like in comparison with more “traditional” relationships. We will discuss the relationship structure, why it works for me (and the human I serve) and building intimacy without sexuality. We will take a look at what being in service means. As well as control vs. service and how that plays into my dynamic. Please come prepared with questions… I want to answer them.

Sir Tressa

Disability in Kink Round Table

What happens when your dynamic partner develops a chronic illness, or if they are neurodivergent, or missing a limb? How does it impact them and their ability to function in a power or authority exchange? How does it impact a non-dynamic relationship? What are some of the feelings that can come from each side of the slash in this type of situation and how do you deal with those feelings?

Rain DeGrey

Kinky Introverts

Introverted? Kinky? Not sure how to meet people and feel like you freeze up a lot? The good news is that the lifestyle is full of other introverts and they are waiting to meet YOU! Come learn tried and true methods to navigate the lifestyle as an introvert and share common experiences!


Storytime with Sparky and Friends

Anyone who enjoys hearing stories read aloud is welcome. Join us for lunch and some fun little stories. A few big friends will join me. There will be crafts as well.


Pet Play

Join us for lunch and discussion about pet play topics! Pups, pets, critters, handlers and those curious about pet play are welcome to join the conversation.

Spiciness Levels

At Kinky Kollege, we’ve taken note of concerns about the intensity and potential triggers in some of our classes. We try our best to use the class descriptions to let attendees know what they are walking into before they attend a class. As an attempt to improve on this, we have added spiciness ratings for each class.

Our goal is simple: give attendees a heads-up on what they’re getting into before they dive in. The spiciness level doesn’t reflect the quality of the class; it’s more of a trigger or trauma warning. The higher the spiciness, the more consideration you should give to the class description before attending.

Remember, it’s totally okay to bow out if a class turns out to be spicier than expected.