Mistress C.

Mistress C. is from Los Angeles California. Since 2009 she has been a Professional Domina with a focus on heavy corporal punishments, high protocol and hard-core submissive training. She is also known as the Femdom Spanking Disciplinarian.

Mistress C. created the ”Adult Dungeon Experience” and now travels nationwide as Head Mistress and Brand Ambassador of the “EXXXOTICA Dungeon.”

She Owns CDXXX Media Radio and Hosts the Whip Appeal Talk Show on Tuesday Nights. Mistress C. Is also a regular Interviewed guest for many media outlets, presenter of the 50 Shades of KINK Seminars of EXXXOTICA and RAPS!



Erotic Painful Spankings that Porn Stars Love:

Mistress C. is the Domina of the Porn Stars; she is called upon by the Legends in PORN for her sadistically painful, yet surprisingly Erotic Disciplines. Stars such as Debi Diamond, Ginger Lynn, Ana Foxxx, Christy Canon, Sammy Brooks and hundreds in between. She will share both techniques and the magic that elicits such devotion from your sexy submissive. Energy work used in giving a sensual, yet memorable disciplines, using most household implements found in your home, in addition we are going to take it hands ON! ~ Don’t miss the class it is strictly legendary Femdom BDSM.

COUNT to 10… NOW Submit!

Erotic Hypnosis Mysteries Revealed. Mistress C is a clinical Hypnotist trained in 2004 while she excavated the spiritual journey reservoir to understanding human condition of pain and suffering, and discover ways to assist in elevating them away from fears, anxiety and unhappiness. Mistress C. uses her skills In Femdom BDSM,

consensually by evoking and embracing the POWER of SUGGESTION as an ARTFORM. Want to Sissify him!! Or change an ingrained behavior pattern? It is really about the way you use the POWER of your VOICE. READY?

Submissive and NEW? Femdom Boot camp 101!

Open to all gendered persons and orientations. Mistress C. has discovered that she is a generational Femdom and shares Wisdom made for champions and passed on for generations. This boot camp-structured kinky class is designed to share the inner workings within the D/s or M/s dynamic; reveal some of the “mystic, myths and legends” around serving a Dominant Woman within a female -led Power- Exchange relationship.

The class is directed to new and discovering kinksters who feel drawn to serving a FemDom, or women of DicK-tinction:) Join Mistress C. As she presents a surreal experience where submissive men discover how to find the woman/Mistress of his dreams. Mistress C. will be your kinky drill Sargent as you discover the amazing experience of serving, and being or service.

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