Simon Blaise

Since his introduction into the BDSM lifestyle in the early 90s, the  “Kinkstar” Simon Blaise has shared his passion for BDSM with the world as an international presenter at BDSM/Leather events across the globe for the last 9 years. As an attorney, he has provided pro bono legal services to members of the BDSM, Leather and LGBTQ communities for the last 10 years. As an intersex transgender person with multiple personalities, who was born both genders and lives equally as both a male and a female, he hopes to pave the way for others in our community to feel more comfortable about living authentically and openly. Simon’s ultimate goal is to be a part of helping society see BDSM as a beautiful and rewarding subculture that deserves all the legal protections afforded to other minorities.  Recently, Simon Blaise, along with his soul sister Alexandria Blaise, were given the distinct honor and privilege to serve as Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2014.  Simon has revolutionized fire play with his innovation of fire torches he calls, Blaise Sticks that allow for longer burn times (approx. 15 min), safer fueling techniques, and less refueling, which means more fire play. He is also responsible for the introduction of his Blaise Wrap Suspension technique to the kink community, bringing a whole new dimension to suspension while providing a much safer alternative to rope suspension. Simon’s latest innovation, Blaise Floggers, provides a safer alternative to “fire flogging” that actually gives the bottom the sensation of both leather and fire simultaneously.


Blaise Wrap: Cling Play/Polyvinyl Suspensions

What is Blaise Wrap? If you haven’t heard about Simon Blaise thanks to his revolutionary innovations in fire play, you’ve undoubtedly heard something about his unbelievable suspensions with cling film/Saran wrap/plastic wrap! It’s actually called Blaise Wrap, which is a particular type of wrap (revealed in this class) that was virtually created for pulling off sexy and killer suspensions and other forms of bondage adventures that’s fun for the whole kinky family! Students will learn the capabilities and limitations of Blaise Wrap and how to begin practicing the application of a body harness and suspension basics. The presentation will be followed by a step-by-step demonstration with one lucky girl. If you want to explore one of the more “heady”, more comfortable, safer and more versatile form of bondage then you should attend this seminar. As part of the presentation Simon will discuss the core concepts of safety, learning your wrap, the various ways you can introduce your partner to this form of bondage, wrapping principles and techniques for both ground and air bondage, and suggestions on how to safely progress from partial ground bondage to full flying mummification suspensions. For those of you who like intricate, sexy and flashy bondage scenes, then you won’t want to miss this one!

Blaise Sticks: Taking Your Fire Play to the Next Level

What exactly are Blaise Sticks? Simon’s innovation in fire play, “Blaise Sticks,” are fast becoming an international phenomenon! Blaise Sticks are a particular type of fire torch crafted by the hand of Simon Blaise himself. Blaise Sticks have an inner super-absorbent core, an advanced and luxuriously soft wicking material and sturdy handles that allow for a safer fueling method and longer burn-times that keep you in the scene and refueling less (10 to 20 minutes depending on model and fuel content) — all of which takes fire play to the next level. After a brief safety and basic fire play technique discussion, Simon will discuss preliminary techniques to help students safely acquaint themselves with fire, its capabilities as a sensation tool, and inherent risks. Simon will then share with you the basic materials and technique to make your own Blaise Stick! During the hands-on segment of the class, Simon will work with a limited number of couples and discuss different techniques, basic and/or advanced, based on each pairs’ exhibited skill set. For those of you who want to heat things up in the dungeon without the number one cause of all fire play accidents as an issue anymore, this class is a must see!

Bringing Spirituality & Connection into Your Scene

 This class is an opportunity to start you on a path towards learning how to connect with yourself, the implements you use during play, and the person you play with. The class includes both a discussion and an interactive workshop for those who wish to bring their favorite toy and play partner for a guided hands-on workshop that will move you away from being a mere impact player and towards being a kinkysexual that creates  moments to be remembered for a lifetime. As one previous attendee wrote “I strongly feel you should give a warning that if they