Sarah Frantz

Sarah Frantz is Editorial Director at Riptide Publishing, a queer romance press. She earned her Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Michigan, is founder and past president of the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance, and has published academic articles on Jane Austen and on popular romance. As a fiction editor, she acquires and edits stories across the queer spectrum in all romance subgenres, with a particular emphasis on kinky romance. She’s worked with multiple New York Times bestselling authors, and has edited multiple Lambda Literary Award nominated novels. She’s been active in kink communities for fifteen years.

How to Write Good Kinky Romance

Sarah Frantz (Editorial Director of queer romance press Riptide Publishing, specializing in BDSM romance) and Delphine Dryden (published author of highly acclaimed kinky nerd romance, and Riptide editor), will discuss the elements necessary to write good kinky romance. What are the Eight Essential Elements of romance? What are the typical tropes and conventions of kinky fiction? How can you join these into the building blocks for a good kinky romance? We’ll discuss building realistic characters, constructing convincing kinky relationships, writing smoking hot kinky sex scenes, and creating stories where the kink is integral—not just window dressing. We’ll have lots of examples, handouts, and free books, and will answer all your questions!

Everything you ever wanted to know about publishing, but didn’t know to ask.

Sarah Frantz (Editorial Director of queer romance press Riptide Publishing) and Delphine Dryden (published with Harlequin/Carina Press and Berkley Publishing) will discuss all the ins and outs of publishing fiction (with a bit of non-fiction thrown in). Whether you are aiming for a print publisher, a digital press, or self-publishing, Sarah and Del will have all the answers for you: the pros and cons of the various publishing options, how to find the best publisher for you, how to submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher, the editing process, the production process (covers and metadata and back matter, oh my!), how to market your title, how to deal with reviews (spoiler: DON’T!), and how to write the next book. Come with all your questions!

Connections: The Sensual Art of Journaling and Writing

Sarah Frantz (Editorial Director of Riptide Publishing) and Delphine Dryden (published with Harlequin/Carina Press and Berkley Publishing) will discuss how writing isn’t just for published authors, but for people seeking to learn more about themselves. Through guided writing exercises, workshop attendees will learn how to craft journal entries that explore sensual and emotional facets of their experiences in kink. Attendees with an interest in fiction writing will learn how delving deep into their own awareness can inform their craft and help them develop rich, interesting, true-to-life characters. As this will be an interactive workshop, the presenters will tailor the workshop to participants as much as possible.