Rope Raiden and Phoenix hail from the Midwest and are experienced in many forms of BDSM play. While into a variety of BDSM play, their passion and love is rope, rope bondage and energy. Raiden is a switch that has excelled in the rope art community. Phoenix is a female dominant who happens to love being a rope bottom as well as an accomplished rope top in her own right. Their perspectives from both the top and bottoms sides make classes fun and informative! Together since 2004, married at a national rope event in 2008, they have studied and learned from some of the best rope masters in the United States and the world. They bring their unique style of humor, humility, and personality to many different events across the US. Their teaching and performance resume includes Exxxotica, RMR, Deviations, Dark Nirvana, GLLA, Galleria Domain 2, Shibaricon and Kinky Kollege to name a few.

Rope Dreams 201 – Sex, Bondage, Rope and Roll

This is a hands-on class that emphasizes creativity and fun. This does more than tying of harnesses: going into different types of ties and can include hogties, karadas, single limb, double limb, position ties, rope dildos, and ties for sex among other topics. We will cover different areas of rope play for people to explore further. We also go into rope clothing and scenes with rope.

Chi of Rope – Enhancing your energy play

Rope is a dance, typically a beautiful dance of two people, a wonderful energy experience. People feel energy, want to play with energy and want to experience but do not understand it. This class demystifies energy and teaches people to connect with their own energy to enhance the energy experience of a partner. This is a hands-on class so bring your rope, a blanket, and a partner if you have one. We teach you how to balance your energy and focus your energy to play with someone else. The class will discuss energy, chakras, sensual uses of rope, the energy the rope can carry, teach people to connect with their partner, and teach them how to be more intimate with each other. We discuss energy orgasms, grounding and shielding in the class as well. As a married couple with extensive energy experience, we offer a unique perspective talking from both sides of the rope, top and bottom.

BallBari – Shibari for the Male Form

Come to ballbari and learn how to tie up the boys precious packages. Learn to use rope to make compressions on the cock and balls, parachutes to weight the balls down, and ways to USE different CBT ties in a variety of predicament scenes. Bring your rope, a blanket and a pair of balls to tie on…if you do not have one to tie on I bet we can find some for you!