Spring Break 2019 Class Schedule

TimeRoom A Room B Room C Room ERoom FDungeon Left 1Dungeon Left 2


Personal Responsibility in Kink – TrinityNegotiating CNC Play – Boomer & Lisa Dungeon/Playspace Etiquette – Dizzy & Mistress Starlight Negotiation vs Collaboration: Getting What You Want in Play – NaiiaLittle d/Big S; Relationship Anarchy in BDSM Dynamics – Pup HavokRope for the Impatient – Scott SmithLiving Kinky After Religious Abuse: From Victims to Survivors – Jaki Griot
TimeRoom A Room B Room C Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left 1Dungeon Left 2Dungeon Right
SATURDAY 9:00-9:45No ClassNo ClassNo ClassLittles and Pet PlayNo ClassRecovery in the Lifestyle MeetingNo ClassNo ClassNaked Yoga – Anandalila
10:00-11:15Cock Stuffing – Mistress Starlight & Dizzy Mummification – Scott SmithFeminine Dominance: The Joy of Topping – Rain DeGray Glossy Deviance: An Introduction to Latex Kink – Diva Electrique Mindfucks 101 – Travis WilsonSlavery – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That – Kevin & KatieSize Doesn’t Matter – Steven / Carnal KnowledgeTouch Me: Basic Massage – Leftennant Fox GROUND FLOW: Building Dynamic Floorwork – Graydancer
11:30-12:45 Up Your Pee Hole! – The CarnieHumor in the Dungeon: Adding Laughter to Our Toy Bags – Jaki GriotNo ClassThe More the Merrier: Navigating Group Sex – Co-owned with Queer Cuntessa – The KittySacred Skin – AnandalilaKids & Critters: A Primer – TisiphoneD/s Dynamics in Poly Relationships – TrinityThe Good Touch Games – Pup Havok Single tail 101 – Single Tail Basics – Boomer & Lisa
1:00-2:15 (Lunch Break)The Edge and Beyond – Duke of PuddingData Collection Review – The Science of BDSM Research TeamBottoms Roundtable – Naiia, RubyPower Exchange Relationships: Ask us the Hard Shit“The Fantasy of Professionally Shot Kink vs the Reality” – Rain Degray
2:30-3:45Blood Play – Travis WilsonToys for Boys: Sex Toys to Use on Penises – Steven / Carnal Knowledge Pain for Pleasure, Not for Injury: How not to hurt your bottom – DizzyPuppy 301: How Much is that Doggy in the Window – Pup HavokBottoming for The Changing Body – NaiiaActions express Priorities – Kevin & KatieExplore your own Curuosity of Flesh Hook Suspension – The CarniePerfect TENS: Sensation Play with Electro-stimulation Devices – Diva ElectriqueAdvanced Flogging – Scott Smith
4:15 – 6:00Littles and Pet Play TAPAS
SUNDAYRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon Left 1Dungeon Left 2Dungeon Right
9:00-9:45Naked Yoga – Anandalila
10:00-11:15Give Up the Booty: Anal Play 101 – Rain DeGrayHot Stuff & Cool Cats – Temperature Play – The KittyService-Oriented Doesn’t Mean Free Labor – Jaki GriotIntimacy & Vulnerability in Power Exchange – Graydancer & NaiiaKeeping it in the Family: Incest Role Play – TisiphoneThese Boots are Made for Walkin’ – Leftennant FoxArt of a Scene – Trinity Single Tail Hands on Workshop – Harnessing the Power – Boomer & Lisa
11:30-12:45The Cutting Edge: Body Modification, Branding, Scarification, Cuttings, Removals, and Mutilations – The CarnieIf it Conducts, it’s a Toy! Sensation Play with Violet Wands – Diva ElectriquePower Exchange Scenes – Kevin & KatiePrivate Dancer: Learning to Love your Body Through Stripping – Pup HavokBreath Play – Scott SmithSacred Touch – AnandalilaHeated Discussions – Steven / Carnal KnowledgeIchinawa – TrinityThe Art of Cupping – Mistress Starlight & Dizzy
1:00-2:15Primal Play with Biting and Scratching – The KittyBeneath the Leather: Massage for Boot Blacks and Service Oriented folk – Leftennant FoxConsensual/non-consent in SM play – Boomer & Lisa HOT & KINKY: Lessons Learned on the Perv Road – GraydancerBDSM and Personal Journeys – Travis WilsonChocolate Milk & Tears: Dark Age Plkay – TisiphoneDominance and Rough Play – Rain DeGray

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