Rick Storer

Rick loves authority! He is turned on by authority in erotic settings and enjoys role play scenarios that facilitate this.  Hazing, interrogation, and punishment scenes make the top of his list.  Rick has been involved in the Chicago leather scene for 15 years and is a member of Chicago Hellfire Club and active with International Mr. Leather weekend.   He has presented workshops around the country on the things he enjoys the most.



Leather History 101

A timeline approach to the establishment of the Leather, Fetish and Kink scene as we know it today.  Some questions and topics include “Why Leather?”, an examination of the early BDSM clubs, the role of contests in Leather culture, how AIDS impacted both the gay men’s and the larger scene and how kink culture used the earliest implementations of the Internet to communicate and community build.


Exhibitionism, if you care to see

While a very popular fetish, it can be difficult for exhibitionists to explore their desires in a way that is legal, safe and doesn’t violate consent of those around them.  The presentation will include ideas for exhibitionists and voyeurs, stories from the presenter about experiences that worked well, and not so well.  The discussion will also include suggestions for ways two or more exhibitionists can have fun together.


The Old Guard in Literature and Artifact

Who, what, when, why and where was the Old Guard .. questions that can’t seem to die despite their lack of unified response.  This presentation provides answers to these questions through readings from literature and examination of artifacts from the Leather Archives & Museum.   Readings include Bean, Rubin, Baldwin and Carney.  Artifacts include books, magazines, leather clothing, and photographs.