Classes for Homecoming, 2017



So, how do you do that? – a D/s Q&A

We’ve all had questions, we all want answers. This class is designed to provide a space where your D/s questions can be answered. Maybe I’ll have an answer for you, maybe someone else in the class will, but either way, we will create a space where it is safe to ask all of those questions, simple or complex.

Tying the Male Form – Understanding the differences of a different body

While there aren’t many differences between the genders when it comes to bondage, there are some definite pitfalls to be wary of when tying a male gendered body if you are used to only tying female gendered ones. More important that merely pointing out the obvious ones, we will attempt to discuss reading the body of the person prepared to share rope for the tops, as well as discuss communication tips for the bottoms in an effort to help all of us gain a deeper understanding of bondage and the art we all love.

Rope Safety & Equipment – Risk mitigation, not risk avoidance

Rope bondage is not safe. There are things we can do to make it safer, but in the end, rope bondage will always be edge play, as even simple ties could lead to permanent injury and death. That being said, there are ways that we can mitigate some of the risks, and we will talk about ways to do that. This class will cover a very basic introduction to anatomy, best/worst practices, and types of equipment. Let’s talk safety!

Dmitri E Ville

Advanced Flogging, OR Dazzling the bottom 

Do you feel that your proficiency in flogging with both hands is pretty good but something is missing?
Learn advanced double handed flogging techniques that will raise your abilities to the highest level. You will also be shown how to incorporate these multiple flogging techniques to really dazzle the bottom you are playing with and those who just might be watching.

Kiss of the Vampire; the art of erotic biting

Biting is something that anyone can do. But doing so without breaking the skin or leaving marks and making it a sensual experience is a practiced art.
Come and learn pointers from a Vampire. Dmitri has been sinking his fangs into the flesh of willing victims since 1996 and has made biting a sensual art form. Get pointers on the most effective places to bite and how to do it just right. If you want Vampire like Fangs he will also have information on his personal fang maker whom he considers to be the best fang maker from whom to get them.

Orgasms on command

Have you ever seen someone orgasm without any stimulation? Do you think it is possible? You bet it is! Though not everyone can be brought to orgasm this easily the technique is simple and here for you to learn.
This workshop deals with the programming of a willing subject to Orgasm on command. In this workshop, you will learn basic techniques to have your partner orgasm anytime and anyplace you wish. Included will be information on how to have this control while unseen by your partner.

Ella Notte

Negotiation and Aftercare 

Negotiation and aftercare are key elements in having a successful scene with your partner that are often overlooked. Bad negotiation or aftercare can quickly turn your hot scene into an awkward mess of mismatched desires and expectations. This class will cover negotiation styles, important physical and emotional considerations, and will give you a strong framework for starting to negotiate your scenes. We will also discuss different types of aftercare needs, providing a basic overview of common physical needs before discussing alternative approaches to the stereotypical “cuddles and a blanket” often talked about.

Leave the Toybag at Home: Playing with the Body

Have you ever wasted minutes agonizing over which toys to pack for an event or grumbled as you lugged your suitcase full of toys to the dungeon? This class will take a minimalistic approach to kinky play by teaching you how to have a great scene using nothing more than your body and the contents of your pockets or purse.

Bootplay: Stomping, Kicking, and Crushing, Oh My!

Boots are an often neglected but highly versatile tool for kinksters. Beyond a simple fashion statement, they can be symbols of power, items to be worshipped or serviced, or implements of pain and pleasure. This workshop will cover the execution and safety of multiple bootplay techniques, ranging from simple to sadistic. Bring your favourite pair of boots, and, preferably, a partner to stomp on.



To PEE or not to PEE? That is the question! Urolagnia, commonly known as a Golden Shower, Watersports , or Piss Play remains as a taboo in today’s society . Let’s explore this taboo together and discover some of the aspects of this fetish. Sensation, Humiliation, or for any other reason this form of “play” is fun to do and requires very little practice to get it right!! We’ll start with a discussion then proceed to Live Fire. The attendees will be encouraged to give it a Go themselves. Hopefully We can overcome some Shy Bladders !!!

Strap-on sex for all genders

Strap-on sex isn’t just for the girls , guys can USE one also to enhance the experience of great sex. Taught from both perspectives of female and male. First is a discussion of the types of lubes, dildos and the styles of harnesses along with safety issues. Second we proceed to the actual use, Both by a Female/ male and then a Male/ female demo. Maybe if time allows the attendees can “help” out!!! Males leave your Egos at the door and come explore this form of intimate play.


Pony play is sometimes thought of as not real BD/SM, thought more of as an exhibition rather than a fetish involving the common denominators of S/M. Come explore the DARK SIDE OF PONYPLAY. Learn how whips and crops take second place to other methods of discipline and training,some quite severe, others more along the lines of mind games. Lazy pony? Try ginger!! Prancing guaranteed!! Figging will be just one of the methods shown in this class. Hobbles ,rope,blindfolds, Hoods, gags. How about heavy weights and chain? Interested? Then attend this class,come learn, It’s not just for ponies and their trainers.


Bag of Tricks: Foundation Ties for Life

Why does bondage look so easy for some & others are left feeling they don’t know enough to satisfy their partners?  For many it’s the very simple basics that reside in their “Bag of tricks”, all those little knots, twists & hitches, variations and shortcuts that are learned over time that have been put away until needed. There are some ties and skills that every person, be them top or bottom, just need to have in their “Bag of Tricks” Certain ties that need to become muscle memory & done without thought if you want to “tie your partner & not your ropes”.  In this class, we will be demonstrating & drilling everyone on the ties that will be with you forever.

Beyond the Rope (The power of movement, suggestion and intention in rope bondage)

This is a class for all levels. Learn how to REALLY connect with your partner through movement, breathing, suggestion and intention. Learn how to create your own “secrets” of connection by learning more about your partner and how you do your own ties.
What this gives you as a top is a different perspective on hand placement, speed, rope handling and tension. It will help you to be more aware of what your body is doing and where your hands are as you go through each aspect of your ties. As a bottom, you will learn to feel the movements of your top and not just the rope being placed on your body.  You open yourself up to more sensations and connections then ever thought possible.
See How Easy That Was?  (Deconstruction of Bondage Ties)
We have all looked at photos, presentations, performances and others around us playing and said in one way or another, “How do they do that”? “I wish I could do that”, “I’ll never tie like that”. This class is for everyone, no matter what level of skill who want to be the person others look at and say the same.
We will be looking at the standard ties, TK, chest ties, wrist/ankle ties, karada’s and the like & deconstructing them down to their basic components and foundation ties. We also look at suspensions and partial suspensions and break them down into their basics. If we stop looking at only the end result to base our skill level & start looking at ties from all directions, we will all grow more quickly in our skills and realize that rope bondage is simple.


Chest & Breast Bondage For The Pansexual Kinkster

Shape up with your chest harnesses!
Whether you want to beautify bouncing boobies, macrame manly muscles, or practice some gender geniculation, we’ve got the ties for you! During this all-orientation, gender-inclusive, workshop, we’ll expand on basic chest harness concepts and use them to define and shape our bodies in many new ways. Bring an open mind and plenty of rope (3×30′ recommended)

Evil, Mean, & Nasty Rope Bondage

How to Torture Friends and Influence People
We’ve heard a lot about the nice way to tie: comfortable cuffs, nothing around the neck, don’t block circulation, and so on… A lot of good that will do when you’ve got a feisty bottom! So for this class, we’re going to talk about the hard stuff. We’ll cover ties for takedowns and stressful positions while evaluating the dangers they introduce into the scene. Bring one or two lengths of rope and get ready to play rough!

Speedy Gonzales (… or “How I learned to stop worrying and love THE BIG HOLE!”)

How many times have you heard people (or even yourself) say: “Rope takes too long!” This whirlwind class will cover a ton of tips and tricks to more efficiently handle yourself and your rope in a scene. Spice up your scene with more confidence and purpose! CAUTION: Do not be mistaken – this isn’t about who can reach the finish line first, it’s about leaving more time to focus on your favorite parts of your ropework. Andale!

Ms J

Sensual Savagery

A delicate brush of the hand up the breast….slowly traversing up the neck….a soft caress of the ear…. a fist full of hair….the hushed whisper I’ma fuck you up!…….the slow sensual retreat of the hand.
Juxtaposition of the soft and sensual with the sadistic will leave their head in a daze. Mixing  massage with pressure points, passionate kisses with a nip to their lip and a deprivation of air can leave them swooning.  Come play with Ms. J and discuss how to keep your bottom guessing.

WITH FIRE AND BLOOD…… Explorations in Blood Cupping

With fire and blood; I will take it!
Blood? Is it someone’s life force? By withdrawing blood are you taking their life force? Do you want to play with blood as an exercise in your own creativity by finger-painting “A Study in Red”? Fire is one of the classical elements often described as creation, destruction, or transformation. It tale take the form of a raging inferno or a small bed of embers. So when combining these will you take the Iron Throne; or will it leave you with some lesser yet intriguing results!
Ms. J will discuss the techniques and preparation for blood cupping, and how to dispose and clean up properly. What happens in between is up to you!

What Do I Need to Become a Pyro : Building Your Fire Kit and Fire Wand Construction

So you wanna be a pyro?  You want to be the “hottest” one in the dungeon? Well, how do you get there, and what do you need to start with? We will discuss what you need for your fire kit. What fuel should you use, and how should you store it? What safety items should your kit contain? We will also construct a fire wand during class. As such, please bring a small set of fondue forks, additional materials will be provided.


Solidifying the Takata Kote With DarkEcho

The Takata Kote or Gote chest harness comes in many variations. Yet, the basic form and structure of the tie contain subtleties that are sometimes forgotten, ignored, or not understood. In this class, we will break down the Gote to understand the principles of the form and achieve precision at each step while addressing safety and function. Anatomy of the upper extremities, physiology of circulation and the nervous system will be addressed. Many principles of this form translate to other ties and can be applied for more structurally sound bondage. The third rope will be added as time allows. A solid understanding of a single column tie is required.

Partial Suspensions – the Slow Unfolding of Beautiful Suffering With DarkEcho

We will begin this class examining uplines, their variability and their management. We will then explore the beauty of suffering through partial suspensions. Partial suspensions expose vulnerability and erotic helplessness, impart beautiful physical and mental challenges for the bottom, and allow for close connection between partners.
This is an intermediate level class. You must have solid understanding of a Gote and basic understanding of suspension lines

Yoga Kinky Style With DarkEcho

The practice of yoga focuses on developing a deep relationship between the mind and body. Everyone can practice yoga by developing an understanding of the limitations of the physical body and their thought patterns while practicing yoga.  Being flexible is not a prerequisite.  This will be a gentle yoga class with focus on fundamentals of yoga. Options will be provided for those brand new to yoga as well as for the yogi with a regular practice.  What makes this kinky ……. you may show up NAKED or NOT, or in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Bring a yoga mat, large beach towel or blanket and water.


Pegging Sir (and Other Forms of Service Topping without Switching*)

In this class Naiia will speak of her personal experience remaining in a submissive mind-set while engaging in “dominant” activities. The class is based on the principle that no act is inherently dominant or submissive but it is the intent that matters. She will discuss ways that the submissive partner can communicate desires no matter how scary, and also discover new things their dominant partner may enjoy. The end goal is hot scenes with everyone secure in their headspace.
*not that there’s anything wrong with that.

CBB – Decorative & Useful Ties for the Cock and Balls

Naiia will talk about one of her favorite activities: tying the cock and balls for decorative and/or evil purposes. The class will touch on anatomy, safety and the reasons why you and your partner might want to play this way. Naiia will also talk about how to wrap your head around doing this type of play even if you identify in a submissive role. This class will be hands-on so make sure you have something or someone to tie. Strap-ons are fine, but you will need a bio cock and balls to fully participate in all the techniques shown in the class. Naiia recommends bringing at least 8-15 feet of paracord, but feel free to bring whatever your favorite binding material may be.

The Rigger Wore Chaps: Rope, Leather, & D/s 

This class will start by exploring the history and myths of both leather and rope communities, as well as the traditions and values they share – or don’t. We will also look at the various kinds of roles and relationships that have developed in the communities and the way they intersect – from basics like tops, bottoms and switches to more specialized relationships like “rope bunnies”, “nawashi”, “Master”, etc. Once this groundwork is covered Gray and Naiia will talk about the practical aspects of having a foot in both worlds, and both give examples and invite suggestions about the problems and solutions that might come up.


Caning: From Sensual to Sadistic

Canes generally have a nasty connotation to them. Brutal. Painful. Punishing. While they can be all these things, they don’t have to be. In this class, we will cover a wide range of topics, mostly focused on making caning an enjoyable experience for both top and bottom. We will cover topics including, types of canes, safety concerns unique to canes, psychological and physiological effects on the bottom, types of cane strokes, rhythmic caning, tailoring your play to music, and more. The class will also feature a 15-20-minute demonstration of a caning “scene” as a standalone scene.

A Guide to Successful Negotiation for Newbies (and those who think they aren’t)

We hear talk about it all the time: negotiations. What exactly does that entail? For most people new to the world of kink, negotiation can be a very intimidating thing. Dominants want to look strong, submissives want to seem compliant and appealing. It is very easy to get lost in the frenzy that can be our journey into BDSM.
This class is meant to be a basic outline for successful negotiation, and hopefully safe, rewarding, and exciting scenes and play. We will discuss both the “what’s” and “how’s” of soft and hard limits, safe words, medical conditions, aftercare, and much more. We will provide some resources for you to more successfully negotiate as well as some tips to hold your resolve while negotiating through personal responsibility.

A beginner’s guide to floggers and flogging

Floggers are a staple in most kinkster’s toy bags. As someone new to the scene, or new to impact play, floggers and flogging can be an intimidating proposition. In this class, we will devote time to many topics including selecting the right flogger or floggers, buying your first flogger or how to add the right floggers to your collection, beginning flogging for sensual play, safety basics for flogging including no hit zones and prime hitting zones, and learning a rhythm that suits you and your bottom. This will be very much a hands-on experience with ample opportunity to get some great practice and practice tips. Having a partner is encouraged, but not mandatory by any means.

Sarah Sloane

Advanced Needle Play

Once we know the basics of needle play, how can we add additional “zing” to our needle play scenes? This workshop will give you some ideas for turning an average scene into something truly unique and wicked! We will cover some techniques and ideas for intermediate and advanced needle play scenes, the anatomy knowledge needed to safely perform these scenes, and demonstrate some of the techniques for you during the workshop. You’ll come away from the workshop with ideas to use in future scenes and the knowledge you need in order to let your creativity run wild! (NOTE: To get the most out of this class, a prior understanding of bloodborne pathogen control & basic understanding of needle play is a prerequisite, though it is not necessary in order to attend the class)

Not Tonight, Dear – Chastity Play

The ultimate in tease and denial, chastity play is all about limiting the sexual and orgasmic expression of yourself or your partner, either within a D/s context or as a casual play for one, two, or more kinky folk! We’ll talk about how to select a method of ensuring compliance, the health and safety of lockin’ up for a longer session, how to troubleshoot those chastity fail moments, and we’ll give you some ideas how to incorporate chastity into all your filthy scene ideas. As a bonus, if you’re locking up for your own pleasure and perversion, we’ll offer some clever ideas on how to edge yourself up to your own limits!

Polyamory – A View From The Trenches

By now we’ve all seen way too many workshops that explain, yet again, what polyamory is and how wonderful it can be. This isn’t that workshop! This is a down-and-dirty discussion of what it really takes to maintain multiple long-term relationships on a day-to-day basis, and how to cope when real life interferes—from jealousy and New Toy Syndrome to careers, kids and personal crises. We’ll talk about defining boundaries, communicating with partners (and partners of partners), dealing with unpleasant emotions and taking care of your existing relationships while another is beginning—or ending. And we’ll talk about how dealing with real life, both good and bad, can bring greater intimacy to all of our relationships.

Stella Harris

Empowering Enthusiastic Consent for Hotter Play and Better Sex!

Think you know everything there is to know about consent? Think again. It’s a lot more than a simple yes, and certainly more than the absence of a no. Even if you have experience negotiating and stating your needs and boundaries a lot of subtleties can go unexplored.
Some of our earliest memories include enduring unwanted touch; from hugs and pats on the head to pinches on the cheek and kisses from relatives, we’re trained to accept touch to be polite. That’s a lot of baggage to unpack.
This class isn’t the lecture you’re expecting. Sure, you’ll learn some facts and statistics but you’ll also have a chance to share your own experiences. Not only that, you’ll get up out of your seats to participate in (fully-clothed) exercises to help you learn what embodied consent feels like.
When our partners are completely comfortable knowing that we won’t cross lines, when we find our inner ‘yes,’ that’s when the really hot stuff can begin. Because consent isn’t just about asking for permission from others, it’s also about being in consent with yourself. This class will help you figure out what you want and how to ask for it.

Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, & Pleasure

There is so much confusion surrounding vulvas that it’s become a pop-culture joke, from Orange is the New Black to Gay Men Draw Vaginas — where even the title is inaccurate. Unfortunately, the joke’s on us. With vulvas being a place of mystery (and worse, a source of shame), our ability to receive pleasure from this area of the body can be extremely diminished. This class will dispel misinformation and teach you all about the vulva — from anatomy to styles of touch. In addition to the external genitalia, we’ll also discuss the vagina, the G-spot, and the underlying anatomical structures.
With a focus on intimacy and connection, this class will cover styles of communication that will set both the giver and the receiver of touch at ease and give you tools to communicate your desires. There is a whole world of pleasure available if giver and receiver are willing to learn how to relax, open up, to touch and receive touch.

From the Dungeon to the Bedroom: Asking for What You Want

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Asking for it can be even trickier. That kind of honesty puts us in a vulnerable place, and opens us up to rejection, or to being shamed for our desires. We live in a culture that vilifies people who are sexually adventurous and frames our kinks as perversions. This sets us up for failure, and many people never take the chance to open a dialog with their partner(s). But being able to negotiate clearly is vital, because being able to talk about what you want is the only way to get what you want.

In this class, we’ll discuss ways to put yourself and your partner at ease, styles of communication, and specific examples of tools and phrases to try. We’ll talk about ways to start the conversation and ways to incorporate communication into dirty talk. Not even sure what to ask for? We’ll talk about some common fantasies you might want to try, as well as figuring out how to incorporate your current fantasies into your real-life sex and play.


Using Pony Play to reinforce the D/s dynamic in your relationship

subMissAnn will share techniques every Top can use to have fun, be intimate and enforce the D/s dynamic in your relationship using Pony Play. Pony gear and tack is for communication and control. Without buying a trunk full of expensive gear and tack, subMissAnn will demonstrate easy DIY substitutes and how to use them. Need to put “fun” back in your relationship (?) – we’ve got your back.

Pony Play in Small Spaces

We don’t always have the luxury of nice roomy corrals to play in nor enjoyably sunny weather to use them. subMissAnn will discuss and demonstrate washing and grooming your Pony, transition into Veterinarian Play (giving a pony a Vet check-up) and demonstrate tight space reining games. These are subMissAnn’s “Rainy Day” Pony Play actives.

Pony Play 102 – Gaits

Walk, trot, gallop, prance, Spanish walk, side step, cross over using two hooves or four hooves while only standing on two. What it means to collect or extend a gait. What half and full pass means. Canter. How to know your lead foot. Flying lead changes. A fun, practical, and interactive pony play workshop, in which everyone will be invited to participate doing unless physically unable.

The Kitty

Dungeon Depot – Power Tool Play (Co-Presented with Jsin)

Ever wondered about some of the more aggressive toys out there? Are you curious about making a fucksaw? Do you see a drill or angle grinder just collecting dust? Have you always felt that a chainsaw would add the perfect touch to your scenes? We agree! From your workshop to your toy bag, heavy grit sandpaper, staple guns, and a world of fun toys can be found at your local hardware store. There are risks, of course, but a little time and effort can make fun toys out of things you’ve never imagined. Safety will be strongly addressed from both the tools and the people’s point of view.

Let’s Play Doctor! – Medical Play

Do you find yourself aroused at the snap of latex gloves? Does a cold clinician’s office set the scene for your fantasies? Does the anticipation of an invasive exam send chills down your spine? If so then the Nurse Kitty will see you right away. (Trust me this will only hurt a little.) You don’t need formal medical training to play doctor, just some basics and a patient or two. There’s no need to bring the whole exam room with; simple tools and ideas can make you Dr. Feelgood in any setting. In this class, we’ll go over the basics of an exam and discuss other types of medical fetishes; there are so many fears and fantasies to explore. Note: This is not a blood play class.

The More the Merrier: navigating group sex (Co-Presented with queer cuntessa)

From your first three way to a twenty-person orgy, group sex can offer some unique challenges. It should be fun for everyone, but how do you keep anyone from feeling left out? How do you even bring it up? And the logistics!! A once in awhile 3-way or a monthly gang bang every level of group play is benefited by some basic guidelines. The energy of group sex can be amazing, so don’t let the challenges hold you back. Learn how to plan and carry out all kinds of mutli-people sexy endeavors. And of course, hear fun stories of group play gone wrong.

Travis Wilson

Bullwhip workshop Part 1

Noise, pain, passion, sensations of all kinds. From the gentle feel of leather wrapping around the body to harsh cracks resounding against skin, leaving marks as harsh as you dare, or kisses as gentle as a breeze.. Single tails can take you all the way, however fast, and however hard you want. Loving and sensual, cruel and biting. Come learn the basics on what makes them work, how to use them safely, how to choose the style that works for you, how to practice, and how to play them in ways that excite both you and your partner. You will be surprised at the ease in which you can learn this exciting BDSM tool.

Bullwhip workshop Part 2

You already know about the noise, pain, passion, head games and sensations of all kinds. You have heard about the fun, you have watched others play. Now it is your turn to actually learn how to do this stuff, how to crack that whip in the right way. How to play in safe but fun and exciting ways. Come join us. We will put whips in your hand. We will show you how easy it is to learn to crack the whips, and to play in ways that both you and your partner will love.

Knives and other sharp pointy things

Blood and passion, light scratches, sensual sensations, fantasies and mind play, rites of passages and body modifications. All of this and much more. Sharp pointy objects can take us all the way in BDSM, from the most soft, sensual, romantic play, to the most heavy blood play. They can be all about S&M or they can be all about helping you in your own spiritual journey. Talons, knives, scalpels, bear claws, needles, teeth, fingernails, and so many more types of sharp objects. I’ll show you mine, you show me yours. Bring your own “sharp pointy things”, and together let’s learn how to touch our partner’s soul as well as their bodies and minds.

Blood play. Blood passion. Blood lust.

Not just seeing blood as a byproduct of a scene to be carefully cleaned off, but having the blood as the focal point of your scene to be kissed and licked and loved. Focusing on the HEAT, focusing on the intimacy. Cover yourself and your partner. Feel them, taste them. Smell them. Think of sex without condoms but more heat. It is THAT feeling we want. Yes, we will touch on safety, because we are playing with serious amounts of blood. This class is about the passion of playing with blood. Through cutting with knives and scalpels. Through piercing. Through vampire gloves. Through blood cupping. Blood turns us on. It turns on many of the people that we most love to play with. So, come and share your ideas. Let’s learn together how to make these scenes about bonding and connection and sex and not about technique.


Quick and Dirty Toybag

Building out a toybag doesn’t have to break the bank. This class will take a few everyday items and transform them into a variety of kink friendly implements to enhance impact, restraint, or sensation play

Fetish or For Real? – Intersectional Kinking

Ever wondered if someone is into you, or if you are just a fetish delivery system for a specific Race/Gender Expressions/Age or Body Type? When there is a chance of being type-cast, pigeon-holed or ‘boxed’ into a stereotype instead of recognized and valued as an individual there are several challenges. This is a conversation for kinksters in marginalized groups to discuss what they face when seeking play or relationships.

Bedrock Bottoming

Building a solid foundation of best practices can be really tough when you are new to BDSM or even a particular type of play. This discussion suggests some do’s and don’ts for both newbies and experienced kinksters who are exploring new territory.

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