Classes for Spring Break, 2018




Ouch! Sadistic Rope
This class is all about sadistic rope. We will show you not only how to tie bondage forms that allow your bottom to suffer beautifully in your rope … Umm… Really, we want them to squirm, yelp, cry… beg… We digress, we also show how to use rope itself as a tool to add to all this fun. Come expecting to have fun, hopefully giggle snort a bit, and learn wonderful ways to hurt each other. Participants will need 5 – 6 pieces of rope. Knowing how to tie a single column required

“Messing with Your Head” (Head and hair bondage)
This class covers a number of fun things you can do to someone using rope above the shoulders. This includes hair ties, rope gags, and some more ideas to keep you play fun and interesting. Not limited to people with long hair! There will be something for everyone (as long as they have a head of course!) Participants will need rope, a head, preferably some lengths of thinner 3 or 4mm rope.

Trans Identities in Kink
This discussion is aimed at helping people learn about trans identities and some helpful information on how gender identity may impact everyday interactions as well as negotiating successful, safe and fun scenes in the kink sphere.

Dan & dawn


Sensual Spanking
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years, will demonstrate the art of erotic spanking. If you are interested in using it as a style of foreplay or as an act within itself, join us as we discuss some of the ways to get started, how to approach your lover, being the center of attention, hand techniques, bringing focus to the relationship, safe words, the pleasure of pain, spanking toys, and after care.

Negotiations – Six Styles to get the scene you want – or need
Dan & dawn, creators of the popular negotiation cards Kink Starter lead an interactive workshop on a new way to think about – and do – negotiations. Designed for both tops and bottoms, they explore how to negotiate for specific play or how to start with a blank page letting the story write itself, and negotiate without negotiations.
Plus, they will break out the Kink Starter cards and show how they can be used either as a tool to define a scene or allow for inspired creativity!

Advanced Poly Relationships: A path to freedom from jealousy
Join Dan and dawn, a polyamorous couple for the past 12+ years, for an advanced class that gives participants tools to break free of the patterns and attitudes that keep us trapped in the fear and jealousy. This presentation focuses on actual steps to wipe the slate clean of patterns of the past and how to give yourself the freedom to create your own set of ethics and beliefs, unrelated to those that have been handed down to you.


Electrified Impact Play
There are many classes on spanking and impact play but there hasn’t been a class on electrified impact play… until now. We will examine the violet wand and TENS-type e-stim in relation to impact play, with a focus on: How to create memorable electrified impact play scenes. Creating/modifying your toys to work with electricity. Safe uses of electricity. If you’ve ever wanted your submissive to feel current flowing inside them the moment you spank them, or wanted to try a cane that feels as if it’s emitting electricity, this class is for you.

Shocking Fun ( Stun Gun Fun)
Few toys make as intimidating a sound as a stun gun. “Stun Gun Fun” will explain what sort of stun guns are safe(r) to use, who should and shouldn’t have a stun gun used on them, areas of the body to avoid, scene ideas, and more. This is a class that involves audience participation. Several stun guns will be available for attendees to try on themselves and/or their partners.

Kevin and katie


Self-Discipline before Discipline: What makes you fit to lead or follow?
Being in charge of another person is quite a responsibility. Most of us are mediocre at keeping ourselves on track, let alone leading another. Submissives are disciplined and guided by another and yet sometimes struggle to discipline themselves. Dominants need to have the self-discipline to inspire awe and trust. Kevin and katie firmly believe that self-discipline is the base for all the success they have found in their life and relationship. This class shares very clear ways to get reduce the chaos in your life and grow to be better Leaders and followers.

Fuck-up and Fix-up – moving beyond mistakes and lost trust.
All of us make mistakes – usually small mistakes that are easy to move beyond, but sometimes thing go right off the rails. Serious mistakes and hurt feelings can undermine and weaken a relationship. Without trust and respect Power Exchange relationships are in serious trouble. This class addresses the struggle, and methods, to repair and heal when a relationship has suffered a fuck-up.

Proactive Submission: Inspiring the new or stagnant Power Exchange relationship
It is easy for a Dominant to get his/her needs met. How does a submissive get her/his needs met without being accused of Topping from the Bottom or worse? This workshop helps give submission new direction and focus.

Red Opal

The Art of Self Bondage
Who says that you need to have a partner to have a scene. Come explore the different options that are available to you. This also works when you have a fun bondage idea you want to pull off, yet want to experience it from the other side too? Explore different ways to put yourself in the predicament of your dreams. Discussing various options for binding, and release mechanisms. Come explore the different ways that you can have a solo bondage scene and get all that you want from it.

Mummification More than Just Bondage
Enjoy having your bottom in a compromising position? Like to use all kinds of different things for bondage. Learn how you can use several different types of things to bind your bottom to leave them at your mercy. You have your bottom bound now what? Several options of sadistic fun will be shown. From partial to full body mummification will be demonstrated with time left to go through the basics to get started yourself.

Sensual to Sadistic the Joys of Lacing
Not interested in learning complex ties but still want to bind your partner? Looking for quick and easy bondage. Come explore the joys lacing can hold for you. Creating either a sensual or sadistic scene and it all starts with how you lace your partner down. Add in things like sensory deprivation, sensation play, and insertables to spice things up even more.

Sir Wieland

Rope Made Easy
This is an entertaining class for those that say they can’t tie knots and that rope takes too long. We talk briefly about safety, materials, lengths, and quickly get rope in your hands. As a hands-on class that shows how easy rope can be, you will learn how to tie a simple cuff (boola boola), some arm ties, a basic chest tie, and a simple karada (body tie). With these concepts, you can be creative and develop your own ties and styles. If you are unpartnered, we will pair people up so everyone gets a chance to tie. If you have rope, please bring approximately two 20-30 ft pieces. If not, we will bring rope for you to use.

Florentine Flogging Made Easy
When I first witnessed the artistry of Florentine flogging, I thought, “I want to learn that!” I watched videos and proceeded to flog myself by attempting to learn by myself. After much practice and helpful hints from others, I was able to break 4-point Florentine flogging down into some really basic steps. There are many ways to learn “Florentine” and this is only one of many ways. You do not have to have a matching set of floggers to learn this. Bring your floggers for this hands-on class. If you have dragons’ tails, those work too. No worries if you don’t have any floggers, we will have floggers for you to use.

Scene Development and Tools
You hear people talking about “scenes” What is a scene? How do you plan a scene? What skills do I have? What skills can I develop? We will talk about what goes into planning a scene. How your negotiations will determine what the scene looks like. What rituals, if any, do you with your special partner? Do you have rituals with pick up play? We will demonstrate some techniques that can be added to your toy bag.


Catharsis: The Power of Release Through Play
There are times when you feel stuck emotionally. Those times when you need to get something out of you but you physically can’t. It is during these times that as a Top we can use our skills to help by providing intense sensations and experiences to evoke cathartic responses and help the person on the other end move past their emotional block. This endeavor is not to be taken lightly by either Top or bottom as it can bring up some heavy emotional issues… think landmines to the nth degree.

How to Shiv a Bitch!
Knives are so much more than a way to remove wax. Knives are sensual, seductive and sharp! In this workshop we will explore the basic knife types, their anatomy, their care and feeding, the safety aspect and of course basic technique on how to seduce a mind with them. So, come join in while we learn from each other and really get to the point (and the edge and the side and the handle) of this oft underutilized piece of gear.

My ass is Owned: How to remain healthy & whole while living in a power dynamic.
We have all seen it before… the collar goes onto the neck and the personality of the slave seems to get watered down until they almost disappear. So, is it possible and realistic to believe that a person can enter into a 24/7 M/s dynamic but not have their core personality get lost? Hell yes! Some of us are still big personalities who retain our core selves and personal strength. So, what does it take to maintain your personal identity and strength while still fully committing to the M/s dynamic? Come share in our passion for making sure that people remain whole and strong while walking the M/s path.


Do you know your partner?
Do you really feel and share what your partner is feeling?
Do you really look at your partner and what is happening?
How do you bring up the energy/intensity level in your relationship?
How to become an attentive lover/partner. Do you really watch what’s happening?
Learn techniques to really know your partner, lover, spouse, sub, master, and friend. Learn what’s really in their head and make your sex a more powerful experience. This Session is a workshop, where we share through a group of guided exercises a new way to look at you partner and have much more intense love and sex in your life… Leave you baggage at the door and leave this session with a new look at your lover

How to Have a Very Healthy and Clean Submissive by using tin foil, lemon juice, dental floss and other pervertibles.
Tin Foil, lemon juice, dental floss, sand paper, emery boards, etc.  All common place items that are usually found in anyone’s house, are easy to travel with, and any convenience store generally stocks them…readily accessible for BDSM on the fly.  We will engage the class in discussion of creative and sadistic BDSM techniques using common place and pervertible items.  The class will focus on having a “healthy and clean” submissive, with techniques such as exfoliation of the skin using sand paper or emery boards, followed by the use of alcohol to prevent infection, just to name one.  Class participants are encouraged to bring their own pervertibles and be prepared to share their stories.

Violet Wand – I Use What to Play with Electricity?
travelingfool/Jay will take a look at the ins and outs of all toys that use direct or indirect, electric stimulation on the human body. He’ll look at the correct use and safety of these toys, medical issues, hygiene and alternate uses for a variety of toys. Specifically, class participants will learn about, and play with, both the direct and indirect use of electrodes on the human body with both the Neon Wand and Violet Wand. Traveling Fool/Jay will also play with a TENS unit and all the attachments that go along with it. He’ll also take a look at a new toy – a violet wand rope. A ‘Q and A’ session will follow.


Struggle Play – Explore the exciting world of Fear, Force and Physical Domination.
Co-presented with Duke of Pudding

During the first portion of the workshop, the presenters will discuss the different types of Struggle Play including planned abductions, consensual non-consent, triggering the fight or flight response, forced orgasms and more. They will cover different negotiation points for each type of scene, tips and tricks, safety concerns, how to know when you’ve hit a landmine and more. During the second portion of the workshop, they will put these ideas into practice and you will get to watch!

Whips, Pleasure and Pain
Everyone knows a whip when they hear one. Some people are terrified by them. Others get a little excited. This class is designed for both extremes and all in between. We will discuss and demonstrate technique, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy. A journey through the pleasure and pain that is so unique to the whip. Participation will be welcomed and encouraged. If you have never experienced the kiss of a whip, please speak up. If you own whips, bring them as we will be exploring the differences in styles.

Daddy’s Belt – The Dark and Taboo Side of Age Play
Sometimes the Daddy/girl dynamic has “little” to do with age and/or maturity and a LOT to do with an inherent power differential and an innocent corruptibility. The “babygirl” represents a purity and naive trust that some “daddies” cannot help but want to destroy. There are many things that draw people to this dynamic. The loving nurturing part; the teaching and guiding part; the discipline and punishment part; the part that says although you are beneath me, you are valued and loved.


Why Object When You Can Objectify?
Learn about what makes the basis for objectification play: status masochism. Collectively add to the instructors list of ideas for how to do objectification play. See themes and examples for different types of objectification. Take away tips for how to add objectification to your play.

Spilling the Beans About BDSM!
Have you been thinking of coming out to a friend or a romantic partner? Do you worry about what you will say if someone unexpectedly finds out about your BDSM interests? Talk about tips for how to test the waters. Learn effective ways to discuss BDSM and how to explain it in terms with which everyday people might empathize.

Say Yes to Saying No: Taking a Stand for Your Boundaries
Discuss what can make it hard to say no and how to mitigate each difficulty. Walk away with a 4-tier escalating process of saying no when a boundary is being crossed, whether it is an unwanted advance or some other matter. We then put this approach into practice through role play.



Ageplay Elementary
In Ageplay Elementary, we will break the broad world of Ageplay into basic building blocks to use as a foundation for future fun. We will consider developmental theories and utilize unique experiences to help provide littles, Bigs and everyone in between with a roadmap for discovery. For those looking to find who they are, how they are, and things you can do or even if you’re just curious about ageplay in general, this class is for you.
I Cum When You Make Me Cry: A Guide to Emotional Masochism
We’ve all had our fair share of classes on humiliation and we’ve seen plenty on the variations of emotional sadism. Well, this is one for the other side. The psychological aspects of BDSM can be very volatile and difficult to navigate. It’s important to not only focus on the safe ways to top from this space, but also safe ways to bottom. This class will provide a loose “how to” guide to help simplify the complexities of emotional masochism. We’ll discuss what emotional masochism is, how it can manifest itself, ways to safely explore it, and tips to use when searching for matching partners.
Let That Sink In
Have plenty of leather but no bootblack in sight? No problem! This hands on intensive will provide you with some basic leather care techniques to keep your leather looking fantastic in between bootblacking sessions. Bring your boots, vests, corsets, pants, whatever leather you regularly wear. Hands on means hands on so be prepared to work.

Duke of Pudding

What a Prick!: Needle Play 101
Almost no one likes getting their blood drawn at the Doctor’s Office, and yet needle and blood play is one of the most requested scenes lately. During this 2-hour workshop, Duke will cover his knowledge of physiology and safety when breaking the skin, and then show how you can use needles in a variety of scenes, from artistic to spiritual. Additionally, he will provide materials and hands-on time for people to try throwing and receiving needles on their own.

Indoor Fire Play Basics
The Magic of Fireplay.  Scary to many, yet such a beautiful sensation and a marvelous way to play. Fireplay can be one of the singular most spectacular moments of trust and connection partners can share in any BDSM scene. As you would expect, there are lots of wrong ways to do it. Areas covered include understanding Fire as a BDSM sensation with a serious emphasis on being able to play with Fire SAFELY, having the correct supplies, making your own wand, and various Fireplay methods.

Impact Play for Your Brain: Mindfucks
Playing with floggers, paddles, and other devices can be enjoyable, but after the bruises are healed the effects of the session can also fade. However, when you have stimulated and played with someone’s mind, the impact can last long after the scene is over. Additionally, tapping into someone’s fear can provide a visceral response like nothing else, and often can be done without even opening your toybag. In this 1.5 hour workshop, Duke will work with you to explore the edgier aspects of playing with the mind!

Lex Divinia

Dildos and Strap-Ons and Pegging, OH MY!
What’s the best thing about a strap-on? Let me count the things!
Vaginal. Anal. Oral.
From hot girl on girl action to the wonderful world of pegging, we will take an in depth look at all the ways both men and women can enjoy sexy strap-on fun.
Guys, when was the last time you used a strap-on to please your girl? Let’s talk about that! Ladies, don’t like the feel of a heavy leather harness? Let’s talk about alternatives!
Haven’t bought a harness yet? I bet you have some rope and a dildo around!

Fisting Fun for Everyone!
Anal fisting. Vaginal fisting.
All genders and sexual identities are welcome!
We will discuss why it feels “oh so good,”as well as techniques, lubricants, and safety.
Join us for a fun and fabulous orifice filling presentation!!!

Are you ready to rumble?
Think about the best “angry sex” you’ve ever had…
It’s raw. It’s primal. It’s unceremonious and passionate. It is violent.
Nothing could describe Rough Body Play better for me! As a sadist, there is nothing more enjoyable than hurting my partner with my bare hands. Punching. Slapping. Kicking. Biting. Pinching. Take down and grappling. Skin on skin! With few, if any, toys to get in the way. During this presentation we will talk about RBP scene dynamics, forms of resistance, safety concerns, and why this level of violence is such a turn on!

Miss Mackenzee

Genitorture for Vulvas: How to Make the Lips Scream​!
Do you love pussy so much that you just want to hurt it sometimes? Well come learn how to torture your partner’s sensitive area in multiple ways without ruining them for next time and while keeping RACK in mind. Are you just beginning to experiment with genitorture and not really sure where to start? I’ll go over some great ways to ease into this type of play. Master proper placement of TENS pads and how to use pleasure to inflict suffering on your bottom. Did you just get a great new pair of boots? Learn how to cuntpunt as safely as possible. Some other things we’ll talk about is chemical play, electro-play, predicament bondage, impact of varying kinds, and much more. A ballgag will only help quiet one set of lips after this class!

Getting a Submissive in the Appropriate Headspace
Have you witnessed scenes where the submissive/bottom looks floaty and the most amazing serene look crosses their face? It is one of the most fulfilling things a Dominant can experience. If you are curious about how to help your play partner experience this lovely altered state then this workshop is the one for you. You’ll walk out of the classroom with some new tricks to add to your bag. One of the most important things in getting a bottom into a comfortable space is how you, as the top, pace the scene which is something we’ll discuss. Come join us and learn all you need to know to safely warm your play partner up and expertly build the intensity of your session until they reach the sublime.

The Art of Tease and Denial
Wouldn’t it be fun to prolong your partner’s pleasure over an extended period of time? How about taunting them while out at dinner using a remote-controlled vibrator? Keeping your partner on the cusp of release can be such a fun game. In this class, we’ll cover various ways to torment the ones we love by using toys or our bodies alone. Having someone’s sexual gratification in your hands (or mouths) is such a delicious form of control and the possibilities of being in that position are endless. By building your partner up in such a way, you’ll help them to experience more powerful and intense orgasms through the practice of edging. This class will have a demonstration of just a few of the ways to dangle the forbidden fruit in front of your partner and then snatching it away as they approach the ledge.

Mistress Mayhem

The Cookie Experiment – Finding your way
Are you Poly, open hearted… Dealing with Jealousy, Envy & Lust ?
Mistress Mayhem’s “A Cooks Guide to Using Jealousy in Your Healthy Sexy Dishes”
A demonstration of sharing – A platter of cookies are shared around the room… This is the beginning of the class and an introduction to the concepts of Poly, many loves and living as a tribe.

Hair Bondage
There will be three demos – The Japanese Braid, The Ring Tie, And The Tube Tie
Bondage to contain, control and change the wearer’s perception in the scene. Hair used not just to bind and control head movement but to alter perception in the scene. These ties can be added into your scene or be stand alone mini scenes.

Predicament Play
Play that has a risk and reward, you choose which.
Taking control but giving a choice, but the good is just as diabolical as the bad is devious. Sleight of hand in the underhanded sweet torment of play that is a tug of war and a battle of wills. Playing with switches is delicious fun. But letting them make their own torments more wicked, is a sadist dream.

Rob Ray

Advanced Sharps
Are you interested in sharp shiny objects? Does the idea of piercing the flesh give you a thrill? Have you wondered what it’s all about and why we want to do it? This course will cover equipment, safety protocol & play techniques. I will go over the use of a variety of length and gauge sharps.  I will touch on the use of needles for suspension and explain how to use the human production of endorphins to enhance the experience for all participants. Come join us as we crawl under the skin.

Bottoming… The male perspective
Navigation of the world of kink & BDSM as a male bottom. How does one prepare physically, mentally? How does Social stigma affect men who want to bottom? Is it Submission, being serviced, or sensation play? How do men move into a place of trust with the top? How does the male distinguish between sexual bottoming & and all other types of play? Negotiation and aftercare how are they different for men.  These and other topics will be covered in the class on how the male bodied individual experiences bottoming.

Naked Yoga   
You might find it distracting, you might find it exotic or even erotic. It’s good for the soul and the body, come spend some time breathing together as we move in mediation. Stretch, balance, strengthen your body while sharing the energy of combined mutual movement. This class if for all levels of practice.

Sir Vick and Lady Elsa

Negotiating with Strangers
In this workshop, you’ll learn a straightforward step-by-step process for communicating your wants and needs to a potential play partner. You’ll learn how to assess the experience level of your partner, how to convey hard and soft limits, and how to communicate about implement preferences, play styles, and more. We’ll also talk about some basic safety and security precautions when playing with someone you don’t know.

All About the Feet
Love to give or receive foot attention? In this class we’ll discuss the basics of such sensory delights as foot massage, reflexology, and bastinado (foot whipping/caning) with a loving touch. We’ll review the tools and techniques you can use to torture and please a partner’s feet. There will be hands-on practice time, so bring a friend (or be ready to make a new friend in-class).

Erotic Body Grooming
If body hair removal (your own or a partner’s) is a part of your personal grooming or kink, come learn about the many available methods of body grooming, including razors, clippers, and hot wax. We’ll demo hair removal for both men and women (volunteers welcome), and discuss ways to make the hair removal process more or less painful, whichever you desire.

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